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Re: Battle Royal: NarutoLounge edition.

'Damn crazy presenter, I'll kill him off before I let myself die...' Oakygyrl sighed walking through the damp grass of the island's woods. The cracking of the branches she stepped on added to her paranoid mind as she approached the exit of the woods.

'I wonder what teacher would have said at a time like this? Hunt or be hunted? Kill or be killed? Doesn't matter now...' Oaky thought passing two of her class mates fight it out like savage animals while theo ther one had his back turned, it made her wonder what type of freaks get enjoyment out of watching this.

'Bitch, you better leave them to it! It works to our advantage, another player down works to my advantage...but I suppose I could get my hands dirty Oaky just for you' Shinobi of light grinned grabbing her shoulder, the pasty white hand sent goosebumps down Oaky's spine.

'Ah...Now I know what teacher would have said...' She grinned from underneath her black neck garment.

'And that would be?...' Light asked lowering his bag to get his weapon out.

'Screw you ass hole!' She yelled spinning round and hooking him in the jaw before putting her bag on the ground and pulling out her weapon.

'Odd...never saw this gun on the market before...' Oaky thought preparing herself against Light who seemed ready to shed some blood.

'Just my luck...a nice two sided blade' He laughed resting it on his shoulder.

'Martial arts versus modern arts? Now thats just silly' Oaky laughed shooting her fine shiny black black market weapon.

'Pft, as if you have the guts bitch, c'mon I'm sure your mum would understand it from my point of view! You died for a friend, how great is that you kind hearted person?' Light laughed sprinting towards Oaky , his black messy long hair tucked into his white sleeved shirt. Within the space of four seconds he managed to land a deep cut onto Oaky's arm.

'Sly ass aren't you?' Mummered Oaky as she aggressively fired her first shot of the black market weapon. But to her amazement as well as Light's a simple bullet didn't shoot out of the barrel but instead a sharp shiny serated bread knife.

'What the...fuck?' Light gasped as it plunged itself deep into his heart sending blood over Oaky's face before falling down dead as a door post.
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