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.:*~The Evil FC~*:.

.Well, since our last one was filled with spammers and the lot, we decided to make a new FC.

*Permission of 6N6

.Welcome to the Evil FC This is where Darkness and Evil abodes. We talk about everything that can be or is Evil. Evil plots to Villains to Evil Games, to Evil deeds, to Evil Naruto characters (akatsuki), just about anything Evil. Nothing really evil is discussed here, as it is against this Forums' rules.

.Be apart of the sickness


Haku2099- The Darkness King


Lufia- Lord of Chaos

skwee- Lord of Torture

Kyleia- Evil Fairy of a Thousand Weapons

.Special! Whheee! Member: sasuke_power

No Stupid Pointless Annoying Message

No Double posts please

Please try to respect everyone

No insults unless in roleplay, for a story, but nothing serious

Enjoy yourself. It's the least you can do.

.Members/Evil Powers:

*Sakura* Lady of Sin

narutobaka Queen of Evil

Naruto King Lord of Dark Jutsu

Ino11 Princess of Shadow

lesserblade Lord of Dark Magic

cursesealer Lord of Dark Curses

Gaarasandchick13 Princess of Evil Sand

Temari45 Princess of Eternal Darkness

AkamaruKiba- Goddess of Dark Fire Bazooka

chaos_out_of_order- Mistress of Doom

copyeyez- General of the Shadows

jutsuking123- Undecided

Distortion- Lord of Destruction

K97yx- Mistress of Hatred

Evil Tsunade- Converter of the Good Hearted

Naruto741- Weilder of kyuubi

Master Sasuke- Undecided

Sandsiege- Princess of Psyionic Power

coconaught- Lord of Evil Machines

GaaraOfTheDeathSand- Undecided

CopyNinjaMeggie- Undecided.

Naruto01- Satan's Fox Master

sarembelum- Undecided

guardian demon ninja17- Undecided

riku741- Heartless King

Naruto782- Undecided

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