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Re: Battle Royal: NarutoLounge edition.

'Damn this god forsaken place....' Mooch mumbled gripping her Scimitar tightly as she clambered up the hill to the shrine, mud stained her white tank top as she stumbled and tripped. The blade shined in the sun as Mooch approached her destination. From her view she could see the hospital, lake, mountain and various other places on the island, though it was a terrible game the scenery melted her heart.

'Great scenery isn’t it?....' Another female voice said. Mooch spun herself round holding her scimitar ready to slice the woman's throat with the convex edge of her blade.

'So I take it I have to kill yo....Rhi?' Mooch felt something die in her as Rhi approached with a green jar shaped object with a pin on top of it.

'Look, I'm sorry... but I want to see my mum again...' Rhi sobbed readying herself to pull the pin out of the frag grenade in her left hand with her teeth.

'And you think I fucking don't? ' Mooch growled pointing the tip of her scimitar to the one minded Rhi.

'...But you should know by now like in class.... my actions are the best, and looks like I have to prove it...' One of the frag grenades flew through the air and landed harshly at Mooch's green Chuck Taylor's, it sounded as though the earth had groaned by the force to which it had landed.

'...Wait it's still got it's pin....' Mooch said aloud staring down at her right foot.

'A bluff, but here’s the real thing!' Rhi laughed flinging another frag which exploded in mid-air, the force of the explosion sent Mooch hurling backwards landing painfully on the ground. Mooch looked to her right arm and noticed a chunk of skin was gone from her elbow.

'Care to die now?' Rhi laughed readying two frag grenades.

'Sorry, but I wont die without my own consent...' She grinned steadying herself up to her feet while blood poured from her elbow. The scimitar once more glistened in the sun light as Mooch evaded the first frag grenade and kicked the second backwards.

'Whoa...lets not be hasty...' Cried Mooch trying to shield her face with her hands. Mooch landed a winding punch to the gut of Rhi sending her to the ground coughing up blood.

'Flesh for flesh...' Mooch panted slowly sawing her way through Rhi's leg as blood splattered over her tank top, face and skirt while enjoying the screams of Rhy. Then came the horrible part...sawing through the bone but to Mooch this was like the icing on the cake, the cherry on the cup cake. It sounded like rubbing a nail across a chalkboard as it slowly crunched through the bone.

'And a life for a life...' The grin started to grow wider and wider as Mooch walked back towards the bluff grenade.

'HELLO TO RHI'S MUM OUT THERE WATCHING! LOOK AT THIS!' Mooch laughed pulling the pin from the grenade and pushing it into the mouth of the crying Rhi before running off a few meters away. The explosion was a pleasure to hear as blood rained across her, teeth flew over head and skin came in contact with her own, brain tissue over her face was the most pleasurable...

'WHO WNATS TO GO FUCKING NEXT EH?' She scremed waving her scimitar into the air before going off to collect Rhi's last few grenades
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