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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'I'm sorry Miss Jackson but I don't think anything we give James helps, we could however subscribe him to medicine and hope for the best' Dr Mull said sternly, Dr Mull was James Jackson's independant psychiatrist, he done hwat he did in his spare time and he was a pretty damn good one as well.

'Are you sure about this? I mean....any side effects on my son will be your responsobility...' Mrs Jackson whispered handing a fifty into the old wrinkly palm of Dr Mull before leaving them to it again.

'Right James, I want you to tell me what your likes and dislikes are...Is that ok?' He asked watching James dream the world away pretending he was capturing a giant moth.

'By golly yes! Mother always tells me to keep whats in my head shut off from society! Ask away!' He answered with a grin the size of a half moon on his face.

'Ok...So tell me James do you find school easy and enjoyable? And what about friends? Any best friends?' Dr Mull asked leaning out of his chair with his hands clasped on his lap.

'School, hmmm a boring place to be honest. I had the urge to sharpen a pencil and spear the little bastard next to me in the eye, and my friends? I love the pet hamster, we named him Brian Montgommery!' James still having that grin on his face looked into the eye of his psychiatrist and told him this.

'James, i must say can you please keep your language toned down! For a nine year old you are certainly ahead of your time... So what about hobbies? Any particular activity...?' Dr Mull squinted his mono-brow at James, the grin on his face had just gone even wider.

'Oh christ! Yes I have many, I like shooting birds, drawing, listening to music and playing video games, occasionally I do karate, none of that fake power ranger shite though.' James replied laughing hysterically.

'JAMES FOR THE LAST TIME, PLEASE KEEP BAD WORDS OUT OF THIS CONVERSATION!' Dr Mull roared pointing his index finger towards James Jackson.

'Oh no no no no....Dr you not know that it is rude to point and raise your voice! I think we had better do something about that....' He laughed grabbing the doctor's finger and pushing it right back while covering his mouth with his right hand.

' Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right here I am, stuck in this bloody shit hole of a room with you ' James whistled whilst grabbing Dr Mull's pencil from his white coat.

'You pushed me to far this time old man, having an affiar with my mum and other women! SUCH A SAD OLD CHANCER!' He cried out piercing Mull's jugular allowing blood to spray across the floor. Before he disposed of the corpse under the small room's bed he dragged the pencil along his arm holding back the tears of pain, then he had to destroy the last piece of evidence, Dr Mull's timetable then all would be done, no more bullying off Dr Mull, no more forking over money for sessions. Then it happened.

'JAMES WHAT'S HAPPENED!' Mrs Jackson cried running into the room looking at her son's cut.

'Ahh it's ntohing, I cut myself with his pencil, he's just away to get some banadges...' He replied trying to hide that grin.

'Getting away with murder, so this is how Charles Manson felt?' He thought as his mum dragged him out of the room to go to the hospital.

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