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Re: did the government lie about area fifty one

Originally Posted by Haku... View Post
Sorry to bring this topic back up.

I read some info from what you all have posted here. I don't know if they have any alien tech. It's possible that all of our tech came from a crashed alien ship back in Roswell New Mexico in 1947, in which they took back to Area 51 to study,experiment, and research. Or our own tech is a result in us getting more advanced. I believe there could be alien tech in Area 51 but... The base itself is controlled by the airforce. The USAF builds and tests their most secret and most advanced jets there. Where did you think the F1-17 Stealth fighter came from? Or the SR-71 Black bird? Then again I could be wrong.
do u really know there was an alien ship that crashed have u seen it in 1947 do u know that they had that stealth fighter made there? NO u dont u havent worked there jesus theyr not hiding anything if u were in the airforce u think they let every1 into their bases? HELL NO thats inviting other countries to know more about you u dont trust any1 or anything damn our technologies came from experiments on various space stations since there are only some things you can do in space and it has forced us to create better technologies to survive in space and make life there more comfortable GAH BAH effin hippie crackheads(not nescisarilly aimed at u(person i qouted))
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