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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'Well I'm certainly screwed...' 6_N_6 sighed dragging his feet along the shore of the Island. It had turned nightfall and the moon glistened in the sky along with the stars.

'Blah....Why is it just my luck? I mean, first I get nailed by Oaky's car and I can't turn right and now I'm stuck on an Island having to kill my class mates...' He sighed scratching his head lying down on the sandy shore staring up at the stars.

'Pride?' 6n6 mumbled as a black shadow figure approached him holding a bowling ball. Just in the split second it was dropped 6n6 managed to roll out of the way defending his face.

'What’s the matter with you?' He cried out grabbing a brick from his green canvas bag.

'Pft, to fuck if you think I'm letting you go out the victor. Always were better than me at everything weren't ya!' Pride roared grabbing the odd shaped tan bowling ball and hitting 6n6 across the back of the legs sending him back onto the sand once more.

'Prepare to be flat chested fucker!' He cried dropping the ball on 6n6's chest making him cough up blood as the ball rolled oh his right rib.

'Oh I forgot you can't move right...ah well, I'll just smash open the left side of your face...' Pride grinned flicking the bowling ball up to his hands and stepping over the wounded 6n6 to smash open his left side of the face.

'Christ, you know something 6? I feel like a kid at fucking Christmas...' He laughed staring madly into his prey's eyes.

'Ah away back to the fucking emo section in Virgin!' 6n6 laughed spitting blood in his face and smacking Pride's shin with the brick.


The bone went out from directly behind the shin spraying blood all over the sand and letting the sand gather into the wound.

'No...what I'm doing is wrong...I'll help you out pal...' 6n6 grinned pulling Pride by the hair over to the salty water and flinging his legs into it.

'COCK SUCKING BASTARD OF A MOTHER FUCKER!' He yelled as the salt water made it's way into Pride's leg.

'I don't think your worthy to live you ungrateful fuck...' He said sternly coughing up a little more blood before getting pride's very own bowling ball and slapping it down on his face, turning the water red...

'...God, I hope there's a fucking hospital on this island...' He cried lying down on the beach holding his rib as blood continued to come up through his mouth.

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