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Re: Hentai FC

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
Any one watch black bible??
A few times I found that enjoyable... there were plenty of parts that I had to fast forward through because of absolut nastiness though... actualy only 1... haven't seen the end.

ONLY WATCH IN JAPANESE!!! English dub is UBER bad

Proof!!! Nothing bad is in this linkage... promise!

Ikki Tousen is echi... not hentai... but a damn good show! I loved every bit of the fighting in it! A must own in my eyes!
Who you like in Ikki Tousen? I enjoyed the character Kokin Shuyu... he was kinda like the body guard/boy friend/guy friend of the main character.

Anyone ever see Oni Tensi(sp?)... Looks good, but haven't picked it up yet...

Kanon (2006) - One of my all time favorite anime. Very cute... Check it out sometime...

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