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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'Your nothing but a waste of time!' Aztec grinned lodging his spiked knuckle dusters into the stomach of 48.

'...Odd? Why aren't you bleeding you little bastard?' Aztec asked dropping 48 to the soil.

'Fucking tin chest G!' He laughed pulling out his frying pan from under his black baggy T-shirt.

'Ahoy chap, good move...' Jaxon grinned shooting random beams into the air while making strange noises.

'Why wont you fight alongside your friend Jaxon? Afraid incase I kill both of you at the same time?' Aztec laughed cracking his knuckles. It was slowly approaching sun set and all three were starting to get drowsy as the fight went on before Jaxon finally said.

'Dear brother, if I had to fight then my little gadget here would be so far up your ass everytime I fire you'll look like a christmas other words I'd kill you....' Jaxon laughed pointing his gadget towards Aztec's face and faking the noise 'Pow pow' from his stupid grin.

'And besides we're having so much fun, aint we Aztec...' 48 laughed taking a right hook from Aztec's massive fist before returning the favour with a swift kick to the stomach.

'Little bitches, I'll gladly take the both of you on, and I'll fucking eat you afterwards!' He roared straightening himself out as Jaxon finally stood up for his chance in the spotlight.

'Pft, Dark, surely you know as well as I, that cannibalisim is frowned upon in society....' James laughed pressing a small switch on his gun as the beam went from a dark royal blue to a light aqua.

'Care to say that while you still have fucking teeth James, your mental background problems can't stop you from feeling pain...' Aztec smirked grinned grabbing James by the collar.

'Deary me old friend, is that a fucking insect on your arm, allow me to get it off!' James chuckled firing the blue aqua substance onto Aztec's arm.

'You bastard! My arm!' Aztec cried out as it went cold and numb. A thick blue layer of ice surrounded it.

'Oh fuck i missed, wait there is again!' Guffawed James as he back handed the frozen arm of Aztec shattering it into over a million fragments, the blood was cold and tasteless, like the cheap tomato sauces...

'It's not fucking over Jaxon, NOT FUCKING OVER!' Aztec bellowed turning away to run but only to collide with a swift round house kick by 48.

'When you got blood on ya shoe, you know that Aztec has been trying to fuck wit you!' 48 laughed tucking in his gold chain.

'Should we finish him off?' Asked 48 ready to stomp on his head.

'No, t'will be fun for him to try and seek revenge with one arm, on the mean hand why don't you pick up your nice sausage sizzler and them nice spiked knuckle dusters old chap, you deserve them.' Jaxon said putting his arm over his shoulder to help 48 straighten his battered body out.

'Ta for this Jaxon by the way, wonder how Miburo is....' 48 said in pain while crouching to pick up his frying pan and the knuckle dusters, one of which was at the lake beginning, the other was on the unconscious Dark Aztec;s arm.

'Miburo probabally has killed some class mates by now....' Laughed James while still steadying 48.
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