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Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit

Name= Slothtoh!
Elemental power=Hypnosis drowsy kinda stuff
Shape=A normal katana.. kinda wobbly.. (ill explain)
Shikai=Ohio..slothtoh (weak kinda way)
Bankai Form= The user goes to sleep. standing.
Avatar Form= A cross of human and a sloth. Friendly.. always lying down.. never opens the eyes.Wearing something like inuyasha's fire rat coat
Pros=When hit, the enemy will feel draggy and wants to fall asleep.Screws with the enemy's vision.
Cons=Limited strikes per activation of bankai.he's just lazy..

Name}i can find the animal sloth in japanese.. lol.. so a cute way to call it.
katana}its a normal katana.. looks sharp but will wobble.. looks like it could cut not even a leave
shikai}goodmorning slothtoh.. basically these three exp u just read will make the enemy underestimate the user..
Bankai} User goes into deep sleep.. in this mode, the avatar, who never opens the eyes will open in.. katana will grow longer and sharper. when user is attacked, he uses other senses to fight the enemy as he is one with his zanpakutou

If im the user.. i will appear messy and always wanting to sleep.. heh.
With the user being underestimated right from the start, he has a certain degree of advantage. Efective for catch criminals..
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