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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'Bah, trust me to get put on TV with my shinigami school graduation robes' Nara mumbled pushing his grey hair back. He was on the second floor of the hospital. Bloody handprints and the sickly smell of spleen and vomit was all that could be seen and smelt. Hospital beds had mouldy blood stains covering the sheets and the holy crucifix in the centre of the second floor had a student from the previous Battle Royal game pinned to it.

'My god....' He mumbled gripping his sheath tightly ready to slice anyone who dared to attack.

'Another crow to knock down....' A voice said to him watching as Nara passed him as he waited in the shadows.

'Out of order...Just my shitty luck' Nara mumbled looking at the shiny reflecting plastic case of the vending machine with the A4 paper cello taped to it.

'What's this?' He thought to himself as something dashed into the shadows behind him, thank god the mirror like plastic case of the vending machine was here to help him out.

'Looks like it's my turn...' Nara thought to himself carrying on as if he had not saw anything. There was a main reception on the middle of the second floor, just out of the door in front of him, it had a stone circle in the middle of it with plants in the centre with various sets and leaflets.

'Looks like that place is where I die or kill' Nara grinned continuing his way through the door. The tone seats were rather comfy as Nara put his back against the circular pillar in the middle of the room.

'Stupid damn move punk!' A male voice growled pressing a cold metal item against Nara's neck ready to choke him to death.

'What the f...uck? Who are you?' Nara gasped grasping his sword, pulling it out the sheath and swiping the unknown attacker's hand.

'Bastard. I see your good Nara Shikamaru...' The man stepped out of the shadows revealing himself to Nara.

'You fucker Swt...' He growled watching the unmasked attacker lick the blood off his hand.

'These weapons are pretty handy aint they, I mean your skilled with a sword and here I am strapped with a cops metal extendable rod! I'll have some fun cracking this over ya kneecap!' Swt laughed running at Nara ready to strike the metal rod over his foe's head.

'Oh no need to be shocked, after all I am skilled with a sword...' Nara smirked raising his blade to counter Swt's attack.

'Yeah and that’s all you are good with you stupid mother fucka!' Swt quickly raised his white K swiss trainer and pushed it straight forward into Nara's gut sending him into a rack of leaflets of how to tell if you have cancer on your testicular region.

'Oh look at this Nara, cheap face lifts....I suppose you could do with one...' Swt laughed striking Nara in the face with the cop like weapon, making blood pour from his noise.

'Now for the final touch....' He laughed menacingly raising the metal rod once more ready to split open Nara's skull.

'Ohhhhhh common! I mean what's he done to you dick shit.' It was a voice that sounded familiar, that kid in Nara's science class...Niru?

'Oh and how may I help you Niru? Perhaps you need one as well?' Swt grinned picking up a face lift leaflet.

'Nah...You need to grow some balls man. But hey I aint up for suggestions I’m just ready to kill you and help a friend out...' Niru grinned pulling out a long light chain.

'Hahahahaha oh fool don't make me laugh this metal rod against a puny chain with a sharp point at one end and a stupid little weight at the other? Oh boy, bring it...' Swt laughed running towards Niru showing no fear.

'Showtime....' Niru grinned twirling the chain all over his body before letting go of one end sending the weight straight to Swt's stomach.

'Fuck...lucky shot...' Swt cried coughing and trying to capture air.

'No....Skill mate, lucky shot would be something like this.' Niru laughed closing his eyes before going into the crazy twirling mode again.

' point, left testical!' Smiled Niru before letting go. The scream of Swt' amused Niru as blood poured from his scrotum.

'Nara, I think he owes you an apology. why don't we take him to the crucifix?' Nara nodded letting Niru help him up as he wiped away the blood.

'Here we go...' chuckled Niru looking at the chained man to the crucifix.

'Do what you must man.' Niru cried out with excitement. Nara showed no hesitation as he plummeted the sword into Swt's stomach slowly twisting it watching the pain in his eyes but he still had that smile on his face. Finally after five minutes Nara pulled the sword out causing a tidal wave of blood to spill over both of them, but no-one cried, Swt still smiled.

'Fuck this shit!' Laughed Nara like he was a kid on Christmas day. He swung the sword horizontally sending Swt's head off his shoulders. Hardly any blood poured from the neck seeing as how the tidal wave from the stomach had nearly emptied him out, but a small enjoyable fountain made it seemed like such a pleasure to be on the island of death.

'I hated his hair' Niru laughed as they went to the third floor of the hospital.
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