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Re: Anbu Questions

Originally Posted by GAma_Oyabun View Post
i think tenzou is yamato's first name.. yamato tenzou..or the other way around. anbu are just like a secret police. they do undercover things and are a different branch from regular ninja. i dont think it was specified that they were all jonin level, so we dont know.
Im not sure but i thought tenzou was not a name, and its just what kakashi calls yamato... and btw Gama, yamato is not his real name so it cant be his first name nor last name.

And to the post, i dont think hayate was an ANBU or may have been a ex ANBU since he is pretty weak after getting sick, so it was alright for ppl to call him hayate and stuff like that, i mean kakashi was a ex ANBU and ppl call him and know him as kakashi. And seriously, shinobi's are already very secretive except for a few eceptions like naruto and the other youngsters, the other ninjas dont go around saying OH IM ON A KILL (insert name) MISSION TODAY, like when sometimes gai or kakashi dissappears for a mission, he doesnt tell anyone, he doesnt even tell his subordinates and he doesnt say anything of the mission, and know one really askes coz ur a ninja, everyone already knows what kind of missions you do, whats the point of asking for specific details, SOOO in conclusion ANBU can live their life normally and no one would say anything, like an ANBU can just go, im off for a mission dad and leave. Either he left for a normal mission or ANBU mission no1 knows since only the hokage and his committee thingy has records.

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