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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'Thanks for saving me back there man you were awesome' Brendan grinned putting his katana away while awaiting Coconaught to say 'No problem'.

'Whatever, look it's your battle not mine now, so we'll part ways until then...' Coconaught sighed as the sun began to rise. He could hear a loud clicking noise then that bastard's Evil-Tsunade's twisted chuckle.

'Good morning students. This is Evil speaking, it's a bit cloudy with some slight rain to be expected but no worry. SUN WILL COME! The kills for today are....Pride, by god that bastard got bowled over. Sasuke Power was shown for what a spineless bastard he really was and Swt got crucified, by the name of god that shot to the left testical looked painful! Good violence kids, keep it up!'

'Dude, look we'd best stick together if we don't want our names called out!' Brendan cried gripping Coconaught's arm.

'' Coco growled ready to flip open his two sided fan, one with paper and the other with small yet thick spikes. Brendan suddenly leaped back, he knew Coconaught was onto this slimey life clenching plan of his.

'I'm sorry Coco but either I come with you or...or...or YOU'LL FUCKING DIE!' He cried pulling out his katana as the new sun rise shined itself upon it.

'What the fuck if this kid playing at?' Coconaught thought to himself as the katana opened up the back of his hand. It should be easy enough, Brendan isn't a killer, he sounds like a wimp.

'Oh, so that's how it is? Well fuck ya!' Coco smirked thumping the large fan over his enemy's head.

'Is that all you have?' Brendan grinned trying to keep his cool as tears streamed down his cheeks stinging his wounds.

'Not entirely no, watch this magic trick!' Coconaught yawned flipping his fan out into a full circle.

'Hahaha, nice one Coco, your obviously behind it...' Brendan said cockily jumping over the fan only to find nothing there.

'Looking for me dick?' Coconaught growled spinning Brendan round before hooking in the face sending him to the dirt.

'Just where you belong.' Coco growled grabbing his fan ready for the execution move.

'God almighty this is like clipping the wings of a butterfly...' Coco thought to himself using the sharp points of his fan to slice off Brendan's arms before flinging his fan away.

'C'mon, me and you fair fight with legs?' Coco laughed immitating his cry baby oppenent.

'I'll fucking kill kill you, you bastard!' Brendan roared running towards Coco, blood spouting from his joints, then an object came quickly behind him...

'Case closed.' Coco smirked watching as his fan closed on Brendan's neck before gently rolling away.

NOTE: Sorry for the short post it's like 7:15am and i haven't had any sleep =/ I'll check shit later.
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