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Lightbulb Has rock passed it 5 year ruling???

As we may or not notice that a couple of year back , rock was ruling the airwave ..well in malaysia it did ....but a guy ( the person who brought Backstreetboys and other boy bands to fame ) - i 4got the fellow name...
he made a statement that rock would last for 4 -5 year of dominating the airwave and after that period music like BSB ..( i don't know the type of that music ) will be back to rule the airwave...i think it was something like that

Is it true? but ...i notice the changed ...( Malaysia) ..R&B and Hip-Hop seems to taking the airwave but still there are some rock song like Snow petrol-chasing cars and MCR-welcome to the dark parade...and other are holding strong ..what do you think ???
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