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Re: Naruto RPG FC

wheres you character???????

heres mine...

Hair color/style:Black/like Kiba's hair style
Eyes: Deep blue (if you stare into them long enough your mind gets lost in his eyes and you will have to be hospitalized for a 4-7 weeks)
Clan: Haku's clan
Village:hidden in sound


complete water
kage bushin

water control: mastered does not need water to use moves.

other: has earth style curse mark

Info:Jonu is Haku's cousin. Jonu used to live in hidden in the mist like haku but after the big commotion (haku showing his powers ect ect) Jonu ran away and next found himself in the hidden sand village. Jonu was training under the Kazekage and was exeling greatly so greatly Jonu was at Jonin level but still a genin.
Jonu was now the Kazekage's right hand man. Then the Kazekage got all of his other henchmen to try and kill Jonu. Jonu quickly disposed of all of them. finding himself more powerful than the kazekage (didnt kill the Kazekage. no point) Jonu was taken in by Orochimaru. now Jonu wants nothing more than to serve Orochimaru and be the next container. now Jonu is a Expert ninja and is one of Orochimaru's most valued men. Jonu was instructed as a test to enter this competition to prove his strength and loyalty. Hopefully Jonu will find a friend to change his allegence.

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