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Cell Phones and Driving

Okay, I guess that you could call this a debate, since many people of the world seem to think that it's okay to do this sort of thing. However, there are others out there, who think quite the opposite about this sort of topic as well. And before anyone starts in on me about this type of subject already being brought up, I checked, both here and in the General Talk section, and I haven't seen it. So, if I missed it, then I'm sorry about posting this in here.

So, "What's your question(s) for debate?" you may be asking of me now? My questions are these: Do you think it's right to talk on the cell phone while driving? Do you think that "Hands Free" cell phones are better than, or just as bad as "Normal" cell phones? What do you really think about people who talk on a cell phone whilst driving?

And if you do believe in talking on the phone whilst driving is okay, then I ask you this: Is that phone call you're recieving/making while in the car is more important than your life, or someone elses? Do you believe in the "It won't/can't happen to me" cliche if you are talking on your cell phone while driving?

I only ask these things, because I am interested in what people actually think about this. And I do want honest answers as far as this is concerned, so please, if you're response is "Duh...Of course it's not right," or anything else resembling spam, then please, I ask that you not post those sorts of things in here. I really just want to know what everyone thinks on the questions that I've asked, and those sorts of responses just don't answer the questions at hand here.


So, what are my answers to these questions? Read below to find out, since I don't believe in double posting and I don't really care to get into trouble.

Do you think it's right to talk on the cell phone while driving?
No, I don't think or believe that talking on the cell phone while driving is right. It is unsafe and it puts a lot of people in danger, not only yourself. I have never once thought that it was okay to drive while talking on the phone, because it is the next worse thing to drunk driving.

Do you think that "Hands Free" cell phones are better than, or just as bad as "Normal" cell phones?
Yes, I do feel that "Hands Free" cell phones are just as bad...if not worse...than "Normal" cell phones where you actually have to use your fingers to dial out. "Hands Free" cell phones still continue to take your attention away from what is more important when you're in a car, and that is driving.

I have nothing against those who pull over into a parking lot and chat, non-stop, for hours on end. However, if they're driving and talking at the same time, then I just get really p**sed at people who do that.

While driving, your attention should be on the road, not on finding out what someone wants for dinner, what your boss may have forgotten to tell you at work, or even finding out who your friend hooked up with the previous night after getting completely hammered at some sleezy bar. It's not worth the money you'd lose for causing an accident because you weren't paying attention.

What do you really think about people who talk on a cell phone whilst driving?
If someone doesn't give a d*mn about their own life, then it is their perogative. However, people who drive while talking on the cell phone obviously don't have a care in the world about the other people that they could potentially hurt. They are making a very idiotic decision based on the fact that they want to find out what their friend's/siblings/cousins/whatevers did while they were either working or boinking the boy next door. It's irresponsible, selfish, and just plain stupid.

Normally, I would say something much harsher about people who do this. However, I don't want to get into trouble for actually writing them down for the world to see. So, the previous response is the best way I can think of to sugar coat it for everyone to read.

If one of your friends or relatives is having a crisis and they want your help, then pull over to the nearest parkinglot (or shoulder of the road, depending on your driving situation at the time you get a call) and answer the phone. Don't drive while talking on the cell can always call that person back as soon as the vehicle has stopped moving and is in park. You life, and the lives of others, is not worth the pain nor the suffering that could happen because of one missed phone call.

And DO NOT make a phone call while you're driving either. Whatever it is that you may have forgotten to ask your boss, or even the person your friend had a torrid affair with, can wait to be discussed when you're attention is not focused on catching up with them or avoiding the semi in front of you.

Sure, there are those out there with emergencies that need to be taken care of right away. And a cell phone is a handy tool to have if you've witnessed a crime or have been shot or in another accident yourself. However, if you just use it to gab the drive home away, then you're putting others lives at risk, not just your own.

(**Personal Note** This was written at about 3:17 am EST and so things may be spelled wrong...if not, then there are sentence errors somewhere. So, I may need to check it when I wake up in the morning. And yes, it is long, I know, however, I do not believe in double posting...and these were the thoughts on my mind at the time of this post.)

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