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Re: VS Thread

if i may say, sakura from cardcaptors? with gaara? LOL.. what combi is that.. hahaha..

if forgot what C sakura could do.. I know she has her cards.. Magic.. lets say magic is equivalent to genjutsu.. No effect on sakura.. by the time Sakura comes close combat with C sakura.. SHANNAROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Byakuya.Shunpo. Gaara's weakness, speed from what i observe in his fights. With the vast range of darks arts that we don even know of in bleach world.. Gaara is a goner. but the slightest mistake in byakuya's part (wouldnt happen) would cause him a coffin in the dessert.

I know i sound like a know-it-all or whatever. WHO CAREs.. its what u view anyways.. so
C Sakura looses to N Sakura
Byakuya and Gaara is kinda difficult..

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