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Re: ~*~The Official Team 07 FC~*~

I like Team 07 cause of its memebers.

Having Sasuke there makes them a legit candidate for a top team. Cause hes so talented. And then there is his Sharingan. What better person is there for Naruto to compete with. Also Sasuke and Naruto were friends long before they were rivals. (Flashback to when they was little)

I just liked Naruto from the first episode. I liked that he has a trouble making side to him. But u can always tell that he has the potential. He just goes about finding that potential the hard way. You just cant help but to root for him. And when he starts comming into his own, your just hooked!

Sakura being in team 07 is great! The hot chick right! But seriously her being with the team is awesome. I like the way she thinks. Although she did let them do most of the work, until The Forest of Death. They made her stronger. And seeing that growth made it wonderful to watch them together. Kinda makes me a little sad thinking about it. I mainly watched just to see if being with Naruto and Sasuke would rub off on her. And shes becommin a great ninja from that. Im glad she didnt stay just a pretty face in the team. She became an asset.

What better than to have the hardest teacher in the school to teach you. I mean Kakashi looks like a badazz, so you would think you would learn alot from a ninja like him. His personality fits the group so well. I dont think they could handle a stern teacher 24/7. He shows the patience needed in order to teach Naruto and Sasuke. And then his relationship with Sasuke and Naruto how he understands them both. You cant ask for a better mentor than that.

Their personalities made them a great team. Sasuke and Naruto are the ultimate team. Wow looks like im gonna go back and watch the earlier eps. Those were some good times back then lol.
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