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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

Note: Sorry about this, net is messing up, I think I may have a virus, but now it's under control *I hope*

Soundtrack: *FOR MINEFIELD*

'You fucking arse! When we get out of here I'll skin you with my teeth!' Slayer bellowed kicking Shinobiknight in the teeth, they had been caught in some trap of a metal net with wope holding it from the branch.

'Yeah yeah, always trying to impress the cameras aint'cha?' Knight laughed grabbing his katana and swiping at the rope.

'...Nearly...gotcha!' He smiled as the net sprung open crashing both of them to the earth, the ground accepted them with open arms as the landed face first into the soil.

'...YOU BASTARD!!!...Wha? Why the fuck can't I move my left arm?' Slayer screamed. His eyes narrowed down to his wrist to see a piece of the metal net tied to his hand and Shinobiknight's.

'...Fuck....NO WAY AM I BEING STUCK WITH YOU!' He cried. Shinobiknight didn't seem at all bothered, as long as he was not being killed he was ok.

'It wont even cut!!!' He had stopped listening to slayer when he had said 'fuck'. Then Knight's eyesbecame fixated on something else, someone with one arm charging his way through the woods infront of them.

'...BLOODY RUN!!!' Knight screeched as a slug from Aztec's shotgun burried itself harshly into the earth almost making it groan.

'RIGHT FOOL, RIGHT!!!!!' Slayer yelled tugging towards the shrine route.

'NO!!! Left, we'd be cornered off!' Knight whispered into Slayer's ear, for once he complied and they sprinted towards a vast empty clearing.

'....Fuck, this can't be good!' Slayer thought as they charged through the clearing which had body parts scattered across it, like a baby's first ever meal.

'BOOM!' A slug from Aztec's shotgun triggered off a loud explosion, no wodner it was a clearing! This was a fucking minefield.



'No Knight! BLOODY LEFT!' Slayer begged as mines blew from all points of the compass.

'Nearly there, divei nto the bush north-east to us!' Knight said to Slayer holding onto his katana.

'Wait, so we're doing a bloody show down with Aztec? No way! Your on your own!' He saw Knight's face smirk.

'...I don't think neither of us can be on our own don't you?' His smirk turned to a laugh as he raised both of their wrists letting the metal rope knot shine in the sun. They were so close when all of a sudden Knight began to lag and scream.

'Shit, shit and more shit! The bastard got your leg!!!' Slayer began to panic, it was more weight on his shoulders now than ever as he dragged knight into a near by bush, only time could tell if they were safe from Aztec.
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