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Re: do u think spirits and ghost are real?

Originally Posted by Corbenk View Post
I'm going to go ahead and call bull shit on everyone who believes in ghosts.

The idea of a spirit has no scientific backing, nor any logical backing. The only time that "soul" is real is when you use it as a metaphor for a persons being/persona.

People who claim they has talked or communicated with a spirit, I honestly think that your mind is playing tricks on you. Often a person will want something so badly to happen that they can convince themselves that it has happened. Sort of the "If I say it enough times, it will become true".

The idea of a spirt world or after life was most probably created to help people cope with the cause of death. The idea that one day we will all just, sort of, stop being is somewhat terrifying. Think about it, you just lie in the ground forever, it is like everything goes black. That is it, poof. There is nothingness. No one wants life to end like that. Due to the possibility of death, people mor than likely would have created an idea that there is another life. It was a defense mechanism that they would use in order to not fear death every waking moment.

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