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Re: ~*~The Official Team 07 FC~*~

Topic 2:

Just going off the anime alone. I would have to say the fight against Zabuza. The one where Zabuza has Kakshi inside the water globe. And Naruto and Sasuke devised that plan to get Zabuza to take his hands off the globe.

I just knew they were destined to be great when i saw that. No matter how much Naruto and Sasuke didnt like each other, they were the perfect compliment to each others technique.

I know Sakura didnt really do much then. But even seeing her gaurd the Bridge Builder was great.

Even Kakashi congradulated them on that. That scene always make me feel a bit of nostalgia when I began to think about this team.

Im gonna start on that manga so im sure i will have lots more to add.
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