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Re: Is the nation really threatend?

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Cheesy as it sounds it is completely correct. While you may want to "forget" 9/11 and say," Aww hell that was five years ago", I do not. That would be the end of this country in my opinion.

Saying that REPUBLICANS are using wars and terrorism to scare votes out of people is ridiculous. First off, not every single Republican does this. You are probably basing this solely off of Bush. Secondly, if a Republican is in office and hell on earth breaks loose, they aren't getting my vote again so I don't understand that logic. Also, instead of saying REPUBLICANS, you should say politicians. Every party uses those sort of tactics. Some Democrats are using Global Warming in all of its ludacris glory, but I'm not saying that ALL Democrats do. That would be dumb.

@Skwee. You have already made up your mind on whether or not we are in danger and are looking for someone to go along with you. At least you know your mind, it could be worse.

Now, to the actual question, yes; we are in danger. While I agree it is not to the level often portayed, it is definately there. To say that there is absolutely no threat is craziness. There are so many terrorist cells in the world that are backed by bigger nations that are capable of horrendous and tragic things. Frankly, I believe the world wants to see America fall. This could be attributed to many things but I wont delve into that. Anyway, yeah we are in danger, but we always will be. 9/11 showed us that that "Danger" can turn into real death in seconds. To dismiss the fact that we are in danger is to set us up for another 9/11 that will be probably be alot worse.

sorry for rambling. :-) laterz
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