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Re: ~*~The Official Team 07 FC~*~

Topic 2
well... i would have to say when the had their survival trainning with the bells and stuff, i choose that 1 cause it´s the only one i can recall all 4 in activity together, plus it was funny how all 3 got pwnd by kakashi sensei.

new topic
i notice how teamwork on team 7 consist mostly on sasuke and naruto working together, sakura is like holding them back or just crying about it, i think that she is the one with the least activity, but she has had some times when she is usefull; i think that the new team 7 can work better than the original one because of the lack of the rivalry between sasuke and naruto, some dont like sai but he makes quite a good substitute of sasuke kun, and well he is in anbu root as well as yamato taichou so i think they can come up with better results.

well ppl i must say i apologize for any delay i´ve cause, but like some of us i too have finals and im not doing well is i plan so plz accept my apologies. ^^ thank you

I found the ring!, with this I can become a member of Akatsuki too,right?

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