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Re: Hokage Power(now called The Leaf Village's Hokage Power)FC

Originally Posted by LordJiraiya View Post
okay, but ummm... cyc asked to join my team and i told him he could, so should i tell him to find another jonin?
Well hello Jonin!Don't tell cyc he can't be in your team.I have an update to your team members,Hack Koharu is no longer a Genin,he is Chunnin.This is your new team of Genins:


CD:Ron Innido (or RI)

I will let you know if this changes later but go on giving this FC a good name.Also new members joined!We have right now 33 members.Activities would become available when we get 40-50 members.Also GaiandLeeO_o,you are not the lowest rank.You are hokage silly
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