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i doubt sasuke will be back...
first, cause he is to brainwashed to return to them
second, cause he is to proud to admit he was wrong and go back all sorry he has to "make it up" on a way to the village, maybe sacrifice or i dunno its an example
third, i think he has become the main antagonist on the series right now, and his hunger for power hasnt decreased a bit but the other way indeed.

well thats my opinion on sasuke, im not against him nor hate him, but im realist, sorry if i insulted some one n_nU

another thing that i see is that maybe u cant compare sai with sasuke, but both are good team mates, i do think the rivalry did interfere with the teamwork, even kakashi said it once...., the only thing that i notice is that when the time comes they leave behind the rivalry and work well together, but all relaxed the go at it again; but sasuke when overboard all jealous and that, soooooo i stick with my opinion on teamwork =P

I found the ring!, with this I can become a member of Akatsuki too,right?

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