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Chapter 2

I was just wanting to let you know that when I use ^^^ that means that the narrator is talking and when you see it again that means the end and back to the present with the characters talking ok. I hope ya enjoy this and it’s a little long but it reveals a lot about the story. Enjoy, and please let me know what ya think. Also when I put ^^^^^^^^^^ which is ten of them, that means that someone is having a flashback ok.

Chapter 2: Orochimaru Attacks

“ Hinata, trust me, I promise t wont let anything happen to my… family.” Says Naruto, as he bends down to give Hinata a kiss on the lips. “ Naruto,” “you need to get moving,” Tusanda says.
^^^ Naruto gives his son a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then kisses Hinata one more time, and tells her not to worry. As Naruto is walking through the door, Hinata says something to Naruto.^^^
“Naruto Hun,” “ yeah Hinata,” says Naruto turning around to see Hinata pushing her fingers together, something Naruto hasn’t seen her do in a long time, “ Well Naruto I ….I …. Love you!!…. and you better come back,” shouts Hinata, when a tear starts to run down her blushing cheek.
“ Hinata,” “ I love you to, and I promise I’ll be back, believe it,” shouts Naruto as he starts running for the gates of Konnoha.
^^^ As Naruto is running through Konnoha, he starts to notice that it is a quiet night in September, the air is cold and chilly and the streets were lit. Naruto looked up at the sky and noticed how beautiful it was with the moon so clear and stars sparkling brightly. Then he notices that most of the villagers are asleep, and that the air was so crisp and motionless. But this brought back a memory that has haunted Naruto for two years.^^^
^^^^^^^^^^ It was two years ago in November. Sauske and Naruto were on a class a mission; once they were done they started back towards the village. It was starting to turn dark and Naruto and Sauske were in a hurry to get back, when they came around a curve, and on the road up a head was a, dark shadowy figure, that looked like a ghost, with a pale chalky face, and a smile that could haunt the worst criminals hearts. With out warning the shadowy figure went through a set of hand signs, and yelled “ Snake Summing jutsu,” before the two Jonin could react they were separated by the tail of the biggest snake the had ever seen. Sauske ran towards the trees then yelled “ Lions Barrage,” before Naruto realized it Sauske had knocked the figure in the air, when Naruto noticed the figure was Orochimaru. As Sauske was hitting him with deadly combos, Naruto went threw some hand signs and yelled “Uzumaki Barrage,” then at once Naruto joined Sauske and knocked Orochimaru even higher in to the air, then Sauske and Naruto rammed their elbows into Orochimaru’s chest, driving him into the ground with a crash that could be felt for miles. As Naruto and Sauske landed, they were panting and at once Orochimaru climbed out of the crater that his body had made, and started laughing. Naruto became enraged by this and crossed his index fingers and yelled with a fearsome sort of growl “ Shadow Clone jutsu.”
Naruto made 200 clones appear and then at once they all attacked Orochimaru, Sauske tried to stop Naruto but it didn’t work. Orochimaru then called for his snake, which at once appeared and went through 75 of the clones sending them all in to a cloud of white smoke. A second later Naruto reached Orochimaru, and tried to get him with a kunai. The quick whit of the pale demon however saw this coming and knew that this Naruto was the real one, and grabbed Naruto’s arm, and then with the his other hand went through a set of hand signs, and yelled “ Full body paralyze jutsu.” Naruto couldn’t move a muscle, but he was able to hear what was going on and he could still see all, even the evil grin on Orochimaru’s face. Sauske then started to charge towards Orochimaru, but the pale demon, moved Naruto into a headlock and with a kunai held to his throat. This stopped Sauske a couple feet away, and by the look Naruto could see on Sauske’s face he knew that if Sauske tried anything he would die. “Orochimaru,” “let him go and take me instead,” yelled Sauske. “HA….HA…HA.. I think I would rather kill you and take Naruto,” yells Orochimaru. This made Sauske shift his feet as if he was going to attack, but then Orochimaru cut a little of Naruto’s neck and blood started to drip down his neck. “ So Sauske shall I kill him or you,” yelled Orochimaru. “ Fine take me yells,” Sauske. Then with a flash Orochimaru shoots a snake from his arm and has it wrap around Sauske, so tight that Sauske coughs up a little blood.
Orochimaru then tosses Naruto a few feet away, and when he hits the ground he can see Sauske trying to get free, but he cant, then with warning Orochimaru yells die you worthless traitor. With that the snake opens its mouth reviling his fangs, Naruto tries to move but he cant get up, he yells in side of his head “I must get up and help him before its to late.” The snake twists its head side ways and with a flick of Orochimaru’s wrist the snake impales Sauske through the chest with his fangs, Naruto can see all of this, he can see the fangs coming out of Sauske’s back and the blood that is starting to pour out from the wounds, as Naruto is watching, Sauske tries to yell but all he does is cough up more blood.
Then Orochimaru draws back his snake, causing Sauske to fall to the ground by Naruto. Naruto cant do anything but stare at his fallen partner lying in a pool of blood, when tears start to come out of Naruto’s eyes.
Then with his last breath, Sauske says words Naruto will never forget; “Naruto I know we were never close and people always hated you, but I want you to know that I considered you me best friend and I promise you ill see you again!!” Naruto just stares as Sauske closes his eyes and his head drops to the ground. Orochimaru then starts to walk towards Naruto to take him with him, when at a seconds notice, Kakashi, and Guy run towards them, this causes Orochimaru to make a weird crooked smile and then he takes off into the woods. Kakashi bends down in between Naruto and Sauske thinking that there both dead because of the huge puddle of blood around both of them, but then as, Guy bends down to look at Naruto he can see the tears coming out of his eyes and yells to Kakashi telling him that Naruto is still alive. Kakashi then yells at Guy, to go and get medical help.^^^^^^^^^^
“I cant believe I wasn’t able to save Sauske, but I promise you Sauske that he will pay, my friend,” yells Naruto as he reaches the gates. Naruto stands there for a second, takes in a deep breath and remembers why has to do this, why he cant lose to this demon, he has a son now, a lot friends, but must of all, a family, something he never had before and he will die for them if has to. Naruto then yells to the two watch guards to open the gates.
“ This is it, time do it, believe it!!” yells Naruto.
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