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Chapter6: countinued

“Hinata.” Yells Naruto getting up and running over to Hinata. As he looks at her leg, he sees that there is a 2 inch slash from her inside thigh to her other side,^^^

Naruto quickly pulls off his tee shirt wrapping it around Hinata’s leg, to stop the bleeding. Hinata is stunned, she looks at Naruto and winces in pain as he applies pressure to the wound.

“ Well Hinata, that’s what you get for dishonoring our family…..from now on you are no longer a Hyuga. And you are not welcome back in my house….. I will send your stuff over.” Says Hiashi, as he starts to turn towards the door, he tells Naruto that this is all his fault and he should be thankful that he doesn’t kill him now. Then Hiashi walks out the door and slams it behind him.

Naruto starts to get up and run after him, but Hinata stops him. Naruto goes to the bathroom and gets a bandage to wrap the wound with. A little bit later Hinata tells Naruto she is tired, so Naruto picks her up gently, which makes Hinata blush because she is next to his bare chest, Naruto then moves her up to his bed.
As he helps Hinata onto the bed he kisses her good night, and turns to leave when Hinata asks Naruto if he can help her with her sweater. Naruto turns around and starts to blush, but Hinata already has her back towards him so he moves over to the bed and slowly starts to pull up her sweater and under shirt. After she pulls it off completely, she turns to face Naruto. Naruto cant help but stare at Hinata’s beautiful body, Hinata then lays down on the bed and Naruto moves over on top of her. As Naruto starts to kiss her he moves his hand slowly down her naked chest.

“I’m ……Naruto…. I think we should wait.” Says Hinata, blushing.

“Yeah…your right Hinata.” Says Naruto getting up to leave.

“Wait Naruto… can you please sleep in the same bed with me though, so we can talk.” Ask Hinata

“You…sure Hinata…. ‘Hinata shakes her head yes’……ok just let me go shower.” Says Naruto as he turns and leaves through the door. Hinata then puts on one of Naruto’s over sized shirts to cover her naked body.
{Present time}

“ Oh Naruto….. I miss you so much.” Says Hinata to her self, as she gets up and puts on the extra clothes that Tsunade must had left.

Hinata looks at the clock and sees that it’s 10:00.

“Well I hope Sakura is up so I can see my little boy.” Says Hinata.

Hinata packs up her stuff and leaves through the door, turning off the light, the room then goes dark.

As Hinata is walking down the hall one of the nurses stop her and tells her that Tsunade said to come see her when she gets up and about. As Hinata walks out the hospital doors the bright sunlight hits her face, making her squint her eyes. Hinata quickly crosses her arms because of the cold wind that’s blowing, which makes her bluish hair blow in the wind. She thinks to her self about when she was going to cut it, but Naruto told her he loved it long so since then she hasn’t cut it, so now it’s about a inch past her shoulder blades, but she puts it up into a pony tail most of the time.
As Hinata passes the Ichiraku noodle shop, she thinks back, 9 months ago to when she brought Naruto there to tell him about her being pregnant. Naruto at first couldn’t believe it, he just sat their looking at her like she was retarded, but after it sank in that he was going to be a daddy, Naruto started jumping around and quickly picked up Hinata spinning her around, Intel he realized that this might hurt the baby.
Hinata remembered back to the day after that, when she had to go tell her father the big news.
{Flash back}

The morning had finally came when Hinata had to go back to the one place she thought she would never go again. When she got to the steps she just froze up, what if he is mad and tries to hurt the baby Hinata thought to herself, but before she could make up her mind to leave, Neji came around the corner of the house.

“Hinata….what are you doing here, that damn Naruto hasn’t hurt you has he?” ask Neji with a puzzled look on his face.

Hinata thought to her self, when did he start to care. Then she realized how grown up Neji looked, his hair was a little shorter than what it had been

before, but it was the same dark color. His height had changed he was now like, 6-2 and he was pretty muscled up. He had a scar on his right cheek from where Hiashi had hit him for not stopping her and Naruto’s getting together, but she couldn’t believe that he had changed so much, she hadn’t seen him in a while because he was gone on a mission training with father. Ever since Neji’s fight with Naruto her father had been treating him different, he treated him like……a son.

“No, Naruto would never hurt me,….. I came because, I have to tell father something……something very important.” Says Hinata as she looks towards the ground.

“ Well Hinata he is in the court yard training with your sister, but you know that he wont be happy that you’re here.” Explains Neji

“ I know but…… Neji….. I’m pregnant1” says Hinata as she looks up to see Neji’s reaction to this.

“Oh….. well, I think he would want to hear this. But I know it’s silly of me to ask, but the father is Naruto isn’t it?” says Neji, who is studying Hinata’s every reaction.

“Of course Neji I have been with no one but Naruto.” Says Hinata as she starts to push her fingers together waiting to hear Neji explode with anger

“ I see,…Hinata does he really treat you right, does he do every thing that a man should.” Asks Neji

This takes Hinata by surprise and it takes her a minute to realize, that this was Neji asking her this, the same person that almost killed her in the Genin exam.

“ Of course he does, he is the greatest person I know, and he would do anything for me, and now were going to be a real family.” Says Hinata with so much emotion that she almost starts to tear up.

“Ok…..i just wondered if my cousin was being took care of, and Hinata I want to say sorry for the past years, I know I was a jerk but ever since that fight with Naruto I have realized that and I want to start over, so can we still be family, can we still be friends even though I have treated you so bad?” says Neji as he bends down on one knee and Hinata can actually see a tear hit the ground below Neji’s head.

“Of course Neji, I never held that against you, and I would be glad to be friends.” Says Hinata as she puts her hands on Neji’s shoulders and pulls him up to give him a hug.

“ Thank you Hinata. I would love to come see the baby when its born, maybe I can teach him something later on, if his father doesn’t care.” Asks Neji

“ Sure Neji that would be nice, and I’m sure Naruto wouldn’t care.” Says Hinata with a smile.

“Ok Hinata well I got to get going I have a mission to go on with Garra, and Shino. So I’ll see you soon and good luck.” Says Neji as he turns to leave and walks through the gates of the Hyuga mansion.

Hinata watches Neji leave and can’t really understand what had all just happen, but she knows that the hard part is coming up next when she tells her father.

Authors notes: well I know this chapter was long and the rest will be about the same, some maybe longer. But I hope you liked it and I tried to add some more detail to the story. Please review and let me know what you think, thank you all.

Chapter 7 preview: “What to hell do you mean pregnant?”
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