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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

'Come out worms, I'll make it quick and painful like on the firing lines of world war two!' Aztec growled stomping through the bushes, the air around SK and Salyer seemed to be cut short as Aztec's footsteps ended infront of their bush. A silent four seconds passed before slayer signalled for Shinobi to finally peek his head out from the bush.


Slayer tugged back Shinobi's face to find it blown clean off, an eye was hanging from his right eye socket and his teeth were caved in.

'COCK SUCKING CHRIST ON A FUCKING BIKE!' Slayer screamed as the barrel of the shotgun pushed through the bush.

'Fuck....looky who it is LeoN....Our good friend Aztec!' Kluang grinned stubbing out his fifth cigarette.

'The lords prayer wont save you kid, so stop uttering it, the pearly gates aint opening for no-one!' The barrel of Aztec's shotgun was now pressed to the nose of Slayer and was ready to greet him with a slug right through him.

'Blow him away LeoN, Blow him away....' Kluang smirked leaning against a rock as LN's sweaty hands shaked ready to force energy right through the back of Aztec.

'DIE YOU MURDERING CORRUPTED SCUM!' LeoN cried out blasting a wave of energy ripping weeds and soil as it went by the Dark Aztec. A loud elephant-like groan was heard from the back of Aztec as a hole ripped right through his stomach spilling the guts of Aztec over the bush from where Slayer and his dead companion hid.

'What should we do with the survivor?' LN asked lowering his fists squinting at Kluang due to the sun blinding him. He could make out Kluang's yellow painted teeth due to the nicotine he took from his cigs over the years by the wide grin he had on his face.

'He would of obviously killed us, let him die by someone elses blade or bullet, I just want out of here...this collar isn't fashionable...but if I die at lease I now know that bastard Aztec is dead!' the sun had finally fully rose from the hills, a new day.... a new set of victims to battle royale....

Sorry for shortness, History homework and Internet problems, I'm not risking it to type any longer incase I get D.C
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