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Exclamation Re: Hokage Power(now called The Leaf Village's Hokage Power)FC

Ok the 4th Hokage has a point.A lot of people would become hokage if we don't have tougher questions.I read them over and they are too hard.That's for someone who been into Naruto since it came out in the US and Japan.Anyway this is a notice for people who want to join this fc.The "hokage" rank is of limits for now.I have decided and have to talk this over with the other hokages,I was thinking to have hokages for different villages.We have 5 in the leaf village already and could get the same for each vilage.Each village would work on a certain theme or activity in the fc.Hokages with me,please let me know what you suggest.Also w e have an Anbu ninja watching out for us.His username is narutobaka and his codename is Naruto.If any member has a problem or sees someone on here saying things bad about us let him know and he would handle it.
To all members:Activities would start in about a week.Keep a lookout on here.I would post when it starts and we would discuss it either on here or on a private message.I suggest here but if you want to pm the disscussion or agree with me pm me with the title "Activities Location" and state your opinions.Whichever has the most votes will win.If I get none we will do it here.Also send it to the other hokages:
2nd Hokage-Name:jutsuking123
3rd Hokage-Name:Uchiha1412Toshi
4th Hokage-Name:GaiandLee O_o
5th Hokage-Name:Nero

Remember to tell them sharinganchakra5551 told you to pm them and tell them I said to pm it to me

nice job fc!
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