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Re: Hokage Power(now called The Leaf Village's Hokage Power)FC

Yes I am 4th hokage yes!!!
Anyways if it is okay the next village should be Mist to receive hokages, but that doesn't really work out either, only the hidden leaf has that little hokages and others have sixteen and up. that would still be a lot of kages. You should just start everyone as genin and when you think it is time for them to pass and go onto the next level then give them the quiz to go on to the next rank. That makes life easiler that way.

Oh and they are many activies I could think of like create the best fan art, funny fan fiction, sorry but you can obviously know that I love fanfic. I love everything like that. best naruto signature for this FC is a good one too.

Sorry sharinganchakra5551 I got carried away and I posted it instead of PMing it to you

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I like spoilers
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