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Hokage Power(now called The Leaf Village's Hokage Power)FC

Requesting to be Offical!!!

Let me get one question out the way.The name of this fc is Hokage Power a.k.a. The Leaf Village's Hokage Power.It is for every Naruto fan.What we do is all about Naruto.We have missions,pretend we're characters,and mainly just spread the word about it.Since we want to be like the series our fc would have meetings weekly discussing how our progress is doing but besides all the work we have a lot of fun.In this club anybody can be Hokage and not only me.The available ranks are hokage,anbu,jonin,chuunin,genin,and academy student.We have no limit of who can be who.When you join you are automatically an academy student.You would have to take test to go to the next rank.There are Hokage,Anbu,Jonin,Chunnin,and Genin exams.I would post the exams here.If there are any more questions pm me and I'll get to them.Now for the exams:
Genin Exams
For this exams you have to answer 3 questions.PM me and other hokages like jutsu123 the answers.

1.What is your goal to do in Naruto?

2.Why are you here?

3.What does Naruto want to become?
________________________________________ ______
Chunnin Exams
For this exam there are 8 questions.Again pm me the answers.
1.Who looks up to Naruto?

2.Who was Naruto's teacher before Kakashi?

3.Who is Konohamaru's grandfather?

4.What rank is Naruto?

5.What rank is Konohamaru?

6.Why did people ignore Naruto?

7.What do people see Konohamaru as?

8.Who teaches Konohamaru besides Iruka and Naruto?
________________________________________ ______
Jonin Exam
Now you have to answer 10 questions.Still pm me the answers.
1.What does Kakashi know?

2.Who did Kakashi teach?

3.How many catergories is Jonin split into?

4.What are the names of the catergories?

5.What are Jonins assigned,hard or easy missions?

6.What are Jonin's missions usually?

7.What is Kakashi caled and why?(Hint*Has to do with Sharigan)

8.Who is Kakashi's rival?

9.Who does Kakashi's rival teach?

10.What is the only thing Rock Lee knows?
________________________________________ _
Anbu Exam
Now you have to answer 15 questions.As always pm the answers.
1.What are Anbus?

2.What do they do?

3.How is their life span?

4.What do they wear?

5.Why do they wear it?

6.What do Anbu members have on their shoulders?

7.Do Anbu get hard missions?

8.Why do you want to be Anbu?

9.What is the full name of Anbu?(Hint*Anbu B__O___)

10.Do you think if you are Anbu you will recieve hard missions?

11.What is better,Anbu or Jonin?

12.What rank is Anbu below?

13.What ranks are below Anbu?

14.Do Anbu protect and fight for their village?

15.Would you make sure everything is right in this organization?
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