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Re: Naruto RPG FC

Name: Shikanji dosu
age: 15
rank: genin
bloodline: shikanji (taijutsu specialists with super strength)
village: none

appearence: I have spikey jet black hair with yellow eyes and black all where they are supposed to be white. I have a leaf jounin jacket with black three quarter length pants with bandages on the bottom of my legs (like kakashi) black shoes and a hidden mist headband on.

jutsu: yellow eyes (a dojutsu that can anaylse and copy any taijutsu)

bio:I am a missing nin from the hidden mist who has lost my entire clan as they where all killed my kimimaro's clan when they attacked my village. I was the most blessed with talent out of my clan and believe in exacting justice upon anyone i believe is doing wrong. i wear the jounin jacket as it was worn by the first guy i killed. i left the hidden mist as i hold them responsible for letting my clan die and plan to destroy there village one day.

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