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Re: Naruto RPG FC

Name: Uchiha Koopsta
gender: Male
Age: 19
Rank: Jounin
Hair color/style: Black/Like Kakashi's
Eyes: Brown (Red with the Sharingan)
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Hidden Sound

- Divine Illumination Jutsu
- Illusionary Underworld Moon
- Sharingan
- Mangekyou Sharingan
- Chakra Absorption (Chakra Kyuuin no Jutsu)
- Impure World Resurrection (Kyuchiyose Edo Tensei)
- Match Kick
- Match Punch
- Impure World Resurrection

Other: Has a little Pouch with Sand giving to him by Gaara. It is said that this sand will Protect Koopsta the same was Gaara's does. Koopsta can only use the sand as a defense as of now.

Info: Koopsta is the cousin to Sasuke and Itachi. He was away on a misson when Itachi went into a killing spree killing the whole clan. Koopsta has been spotted in the Hidden Sand Village before the Attack on Hidden Leaf Village. He was at the Sasuke vs Gaara match but left before the attack happened. He is know to have gained control of the Sharigan at the age of 9. He has meet Gaara before but never started trouble in the Hidden Sand Village. He has since went to the Hidden Sound Village and is know to be working for Orochimaru undercover. He does know that Sasuke is part of Orochimaru's plan and dispises Sasuke for hating and wanting to kill Itachi. Koopsta wants to find Itachi and join him in his raid to get all the Jutsu.

Koopsta is known for having a kind heart until it comes to protecting something he loves. He uses his Sharingan in similar ways as Itachi. He also thinks Gaara will one day be the doom to all the villages and has said that he will stop him at all cost if this rumor is true even though he respects Gaara. His dream in life is to one day become one of the most known ninjas throughout the world.

As a Child Koopsta was loved by many and saw as the Uchiha clan's new awakening. Until Itachi was born he was the clan's most reliable ninja. At the age of 3 his father was killed in a mission. His mother was brought to her death by a disease at the age of 5. He had nothing to live for until he learned that he had the power of the Uchiha clan in him. He trainned day and night and brought out the power inside of him. At the age of 9 he could use the Sharigan and felt he could become the greatest ninja throughout the world. After seeing Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan he followed the path to learn this jutsu. He became a user of the Mangekyou Sharingan at the age of 13. Just 2 years after Itachi killed off the rest of the Uchiha clan. He found out about it and decided not to return until he knew he can take on Itachi. At the age of 14 he moved to the Village of Hidden Sand. There he stayed and was good friends with Gaara, which who he found out Sasuke was still alive. Koopsta respects Gaara and thinks of him as a best friend(but Gaara doesn't think that way). Koopsta went to Hidden Leaf village to view the match between Sasuke & Gaara but left because he had a bad feeling. He fled to the Village of Hidden Sound. There he met Orochimaru. He has since then teamed up with Orochimaru and plans on using him to get to Itachi. As working with him he overherd that Orochimaru is going to use Sasuke and that Sasuke also wants to kill Itachi. This leads Koopsta into a plan on killing Sasuke. He is currently still searching for Itachi.

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- Kingdom Hearts II FC [Codename: Zexion - Role: Org. XIII Leader]
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