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Re: The future hokage!: a NarutoxHinata stroy.

Authors notes: I want to thank all of you for your opinions and advice. I know this will be the 3rd chapter in Hinata’s pov, but I think this will be the last in it. I hope you like it and please review. Chapter 7 starts with Hinata still outside the Hyuga mansion, so please enjoy.
“Ok, Hinata, get a hold of your self, I mean…….he wouldn’t hurt my baby would he?” Says Hinata to her self.^^^

Hinata starts to rub her belly; she then takes a deep breath, and starts to walk around the house. As Hinata turns around the corner of the house and walks towards the gate that leads to the training grounds, she stops at a window and looks in.
It’s her room, the wall’s and floor look dull, no one had been in there since she left. Hinata then starts to remember when she used to stand and look out this window at the moon. She used to think about her mom, and if she was watching her. Then she would think about the only person she really cared about, but who didn’t even notice her then, Naruto.
Hinata lets a tear fall from her eye as she remembers this all, and how sad she used to be back then. Hinata stands there for a little bit, Intel she recovers her senses and wipes her eyes.^^^

“ Ok Hinata, let’s do this.” Says Hinata to herself.^^^

Hinata walks through the rusted gates and sees her dad starting up the steps to the house. Hiashi turns around when he hears the gates squeak.^^^

“Hinata… what are you doing here, I told you never to come back.” Yells Hiashi as he starts to walk towards Hinata.

“I have to tell something father.” Says Hinata back at her father with strong confidence.

“I don’t care!!!, you leave now, or else.” Yells Hiashi, as he gets closer to Hinata.

“ Dad…I must tell….you…*Slap*.” Starts Hinata, just as Hiashi slaps Hinata to the ground.^^^

Hinata falls to the ground and covers her eyes.^^^

“ See Hinata, I told you to leave, you never would listen to me, if you would have you would be stronger.” Says Hiashi as he turns to leave.^^^

Hinata slowly starts to pick herself off the ground, as she wipes her eyes, she says.^^^

“I’m not weak…… *Hiashi just turns around and stares at her*…..I’m not, because I have Naruto and because of him, I can do anything.” Yells Hinata, as she lifts her self off the ground, holding her knees.

“ Why you……..” yells Hiashi.^^^

Hiashi starts attacking Hinata, but she blocks all of his punches. Then out of nowhere, he hits her with a kunai across her cheek. Hinata falls to her left knee and reaches up to wipe the blood from her face.^^^

“See Hinata… you are weak.” Says Hiashi, with a stern look, but an almost sad glisten in his eyes.

“No father…I’m not.” says Hinata as she struggles to get up.

“Hinata…never come back here or…. I’ll kill you.” Says Hiashi, as he once again turns to leave.

“Father!!…. Father!!!…* Hiashi just keeps walking away*…. I’m..I’m pregnant.” Yells Hinata with so much emotion, that it stops Hiashi in his tracks.

“Your….your pregnant.” Says Hiashi, as he looks down at the ground.

“Yes father….and even though, I may have disappointed you…my child has done nothing…and you still are his grandfather.” Says Hinata, as she stands up. * Hiashi flinches at the words grandfather*

“Huh….your right Hinata….I’m,….I’m sorry….please forgive me, I just had to do what was right for the clan, and now I see that I was wrong, I

just wanted you to be strong and to carry on the genes of the Hyuga clan, but….please for give me.” Says Hiashi as he starts to tear up.

“ Father I may not be who you want me to be…but I am your daughter and I am just like you, I am strong… but because of Naruto….and because of my baby.” Says Hinata as she stands up and looks down at her belly.

“ Hinata….you….you are strong, you are the first to defy me and even though I hate Naruto…I, now see that…..that doesn’t mean your not my daughter, and I promise to love you and your baby always.” Says Hiashi, as he walks over to Hinata and gives her hug, the first one she can remember from him in a long time.

“Hinata, lets go inside and talk.” Says Hiashi
{Present time}

Hinata closes her eyes and starts back on her way.^^^

“Hi Hinata, how are you feeling?” asks Ino, as she comes out of the “Cherry Blossoms” flower store, that her and Sakura had opened.^^^

Hinata looked at the cute girl that stood in front of her. She was like 5-7 and had blond colored hair, which came down to the middle of her back, it was beautiful. Her eyes were the most beautiful blue, and she had a knock out body. Today she had on a red jacket with the leaf symbol on the arm, and a pair of blue pants.^^^

“Hinata……….you ok?” asks Ino, as she walks up to Hinata.

“Yeah…I fell better…I’m on my way to see Sakura and my baby boy.” Says Hinata with a smile.

“Oh ok, I just came from there, and boy your son look’s beautiful, he has your eye’s and Nar..” starts Ino, when she looks at Hinata who is now looking at the ground.

“He has Naruto’s hair.” Says Hinata as she gives Ino a hug and starts back on her way down Turnef street.

“Bye Hinata” yells Ino^^^

Hinata waves good bye, and as she gets closer to Sakura’s house, Hinata notices people looking at her funny, an she can hear them talking about Naruto and what happened two nights before.^^^
*Knock, Knock*

“Hello, who’s there?” asks Sakura.

“It’s me…..Hinata.” says Hinata

“Oh, come in then.” Says Sakura.^^^

Hinata walks through the burgundy colored door, and Sakura takes her jacket. Hinata turns around to look at Sakura who puts the jacket on the hook by the door. Sakura is also like 5-7 with the most gorgeous pink hair, which she has kept short since the genin exams. Her eyes are light green, and she’s wearing a red top that really shows off her breasts, and a short mini skirt, that shows her smooth legs.^^^

“Whew…It’s cold out there, isn’t it Hinata?” says Sakura letting out a smile.^^^

Hinata tries to smile back, but Sakura can tell there’s something wrong so she walks up to Hinata and they start to hug.^^^

“Oh…. Sakura…I…..I miss him so much…*Hinata starts to cry*…I don’t know how I can go on with out him.” Says Hinata, as she buries her face into Sakura’s shoulder.

“I know Hinata….after Sasuke died I felt the same way….but you know….you have a son now, so you have to be strong…..for him.” Says Sakura as she lifts Hinata’s head away and lets out a little a smile.

“Your right Sakura…I have to be strong for him.” Says Hinata, as she wipes her face.

‘So where is he?” asks Hinata

“He’s in the living room, with Tenten’s son.” Says Sakura.^^^

Hinata and Sakura, head into the living room. Hinata immediately spots Tenten’s son. He has his fathers black hair, and his mothers brown eyes.^^^

“Hinata, can you believe that they named him Renten, I mean his father should of said something.” Says Sakura, with a crooked smile and a raised left eyebrow.

“Yeah, Sakura but…. You know Lee, he wont say anything to upset Tenten.” Says Hinata, as her and Sakura, both start to laugh.^^^

Hinata picks up Hiro and they say good-bye to Sakura and Renten, and they start back on their way home, just as it starts to snow.
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