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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: countinued

{Back at Orochimaru’s}
{Inside Naruto}

“Where am I?” asks Naruto

“Well boy, your inside of yourself, well actually your inside of me now.” Says the Kyubi, with a smile.

“What!!….what do you mean?” ask Naruto

“Well Naruto, I took over your body, so now your where I was.” Says the Kyubi as he starts to laugh.

“No…. “Hinata, Hiro”…. I will get out, Kyubi.’ Yells Naruto

“Ha…ha… no you wont Naruto, but lucky for you, since I’m restricted to your body, I cant destroy your village or…family, right now, I must first take care of other business, so I can strengthen this weak body.” Says the Kyubi

‘Why you….if you hurt them, I’ll kill you.” Yells Naruto

“Ha…ha.. bye for now.” Says the Kyubi, as he laughs
{Back at Naruto’s and Hinata’s}

*Hinata is putting Hiro in bed* ^^^

“Oh, my beautiful child, good night.” Whispers Hinata, as she bends down and gives him a kiss, and then leaves the room and starts to head up the stairs to the balcony.^^^

As Hinata grasps the rail of the balcony in her hands, she looks up at the December sky, the moon is shinning bright. Hinata pulls her bathrobe tighter around her, as the cool breeze flows through her hair.
Just then a shooting star fly’s by.^^^

“Oh Naruto, please be ok….and never forget that I love you.” Says Hinata, as a tear fall’s from her, right eye, and hits the deck.

“Hinata…….Hinata….wake up.”

“What…oh, hi Tsunade, what are you doing here?” ask Hinata as she sits up in her bed, pulling the covers up over her exposed chest.

“Well Hinata, I sent word to you to come see me yesterday.” Says Tsunade

“Oh…I’m sorry, I just forgot, with all that has happened, I’m not thinking clearly.” Answers Hinata

“Well anyways, Hinata, I need to talk to you about what happened with Naruto” says Tsunade as she turns around to let Hinata get out of bed and get dressed. ^^^

Hinata, looks down at her blanket at the sound of Naruto’s name, then she gets up and walk over to her dresser to put on some clothes.^^^

“I’m, Tsunade it’s ok to turn around now.” Says Hinata, as she slips on one of Naruto’s oversized shirts.

“ Well Hinata are you going to tell me what happened to Naruto or not?” ask Tsunade, as she puts her hands on her hips and leans to one side.

“I’m……well…..see Tsunade….Naruto is…….is dead” says Hinata, as she then sits down on the bed and looks at the floor for a second, then looks up to see Tsunade looking out the window.

“Hinata….if Naruto was dead, Orochimaru wouldn’t have taken his body,…I mean why would he?” ask Tsunade, who turns to look at Hinata to see he reaction.

“Well I don’t know……but he’s dead….no point in going looking for him!!” yells Hinata, as she covers her eyes and starts to cry.

“Well Hinata if you say he is, then, I believe you, but if he isn’t, I need to know, because if Orochimaru, can some how control the Kyubi we would all be in extreme danger.”^^^

This makes Hinata shake her head, but Tsunade can tell that Hinata is hiding something. After sitting they’re not talking for a minute or two, Hinata hears Hiro crying and they both go down the stairs to Hiro’s room.
Hinata picks up Hiro and holds him, as she unbuttons her shirt to feed Hiro.^^^

“Well Hinata, if that is the truth then I will be going, but if for some reason your not telling me every thing, your only hurting your self.” Says Tsunade, as she turns and heads for the door.^^^

Tsunade puts her jacket on, and opens the door, which lets a cool breeze flow through the room, and Hinata can see that the ground is covered in a white blanket.^^^

“Well bye Hinata and Hiro,….Hinata I will see you soon.” Says Tsunade as she closes the door and leaves down the snowy covered road.

“Please forgive me Naruto, I must protect our son, and everyone else that would go looking for you, because if we do then all that would happen is… death.” Says Hinata to her self.^^^
{Knock, Knock}

Hinata goes to the door and opens it to see Sakura.^^^

“Oh……*Sakura looks down to see Hinata breast feeding Hiro*…….well I didn’t expect to see that.” Says Sakura

“Well my mom, feed me so, I thought I would do the same” answers Hinata, as she lets Sakura into the house, and takes her jacket.

“Well Sakura….why are you here, so early?” asks Hinata

“Well Hinata, Christmas is in 2 weeks so I thought you would want to hang lights and go get a tree.” Says Sakura, as she bends down making funny faces at Hiro, who isn’t paying her any mind.

“Ah…ok, but what about Hiro?” asks Hinata

“ Well, Ino said she would come over and watch him” says Sakura

“Oh ok, well lets do it.” Says Hinata^^^

Hinata and Sakura get ready to go as Ino shows up to watch Hiro.
As Hinata and Sakura walk down the snowy road, Sakura asks Hinata about Naruto, but she just tells her to not worry.
{Somewhere out west}

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, please……please don’t,….* Swish*”

“Filthy scum, don’t beg for your life, when you know I’m going to kill you anyway.” Says Kyubi-Naruto, these weaklings need to stay out of my way, the person I’m looking for is Grandora.

“I’m here, who ever you are” answers Grandora

“Well, look who it is the legendary Grandora, the only living person to ever beat The 3rd Hokage In a battle.

“Yes once a pawn a time, I was that person, but not any more, because of the 3rd, I am a peaceful villager of the cloud village. I don’t fight any more.” Answers Grandora

‘Well don’t fight then, but either way I will claim your power with my absorption technique.” Says Kyubi-Naruto

“Well it sees that I have no choice, but you wont be able to beat me!!” yells Grandora.^^^

Grandora calls on his power, he bends over and with a flash of light that engulfs him, Grandora walks out. He now looks like a 20 year old and is so muscled up that he looks like he can take on a tank.^^^

“What is you name, stranger?” yells Grandora

“Well, since I am going to kill you. Ill tell you my name,…it’s Naruto.” Yells Kyubi-Naruto back at Grandora.

“Well, Naruto, I can sense your power, that is the only reason I transformed back, to my real self, but you have no clue of how strong I am.” Says Grandora, as he starts to smile, and moves into a attacking stance.

“Well this is going to be fun, I never faced a legendary Sannin, before.” Yells Kyubi-Naruto.


Authors notes: Well, I hope ya liked this chapter, and please read and review. I also will try and do at least too more chapters this week and a very long chapter before Christmas. I don’t have Internet access at my house so I have to do it at school. Well I hope like it and please tell me what you think, thanks. Please tell others about my story, and ask them to read this if you like it, thanks, merry Christmas.
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