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Re: Naruto RPG FC

i jump through the trees... finally I spotted him (missin-nin)again. Nearby there is like two wierd ppl of one of them is the one who attacked me, fighting each other, but whatever that doesn't matter. "This time I am not going to let you escape! Genjutsu!"
"Help me pick him up konkuru!"
"Huh? Oh right!"
I walk up to the missing mist nin and "byakugan, 64 point division!"
The missing nin is still there so it confirms that it isn't a clone. "Phew that's a relief"
Konkuru: "Did you just use byakugan" shaking in disbelief
*sigh* "Genjutsu: no sai jutsu (forgeting jutsu)
"huh? What happened?!"
"Nothing we caught him"
"Great. Let's go I am tired."
"ninpou:genjuu suji baindo"

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