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Re: VBFC Fan Fic.

I other words, my writing sucks......T_T...don't worry I'm learning...

Chapter 4

"Wow the countryside scenery is beuatiful."

"Stop jumping around like a 3 year old Kyo" warned Ayumi.

"I'm not jumping Ayumi-san..."

"Ahhh.Being a kid and all its glory...I miss it." whisper Hiro.

"Sensei we are here." says Ryushiro while his eyes look around....

"Nice. Now kids, Our mission starts.OK?"

"Ok!!!." all 3 say together.

"What should we do now sensei?" ask Ayumi.

"First we meet up with the village head, then you guys asked around. don't do anything drastic or stupid. I'm gonna ask around at the bar."

"The BAR????" all 3 say together.

"You have no idea how much information there is in a bar. Ok lets go."

At the darkness village.

At the village throne room, where an arrogant man sits at the throne,mumbling about his war plan. Sudddenly a female ninja appeared.

"How is it going Ina?"

"The seeds allready has been planted sir. I have to say, to use Nani Kingdom's women to breed our new soldier is brilliant." says Ina.

"Of course. the only nation neighbour with nani kingdom is moon, mountain and swamp. And mountainkage has been generous to help me." DarknessKage snickers while drinking his red wine.

"Will mountainkage still help us, sir even after this."

" As long I hold her hostage, mountainkage will do anything. A father's love goes a long way. hahahahahaha" darkkage laugh maniacly.

"You are a genius sir." bow Ina.

"And with enhancer at the nani kingdom, In 5 days my greatest army will be born, and in 2 weeks the world shall see my Grand Army of Uchihas. And by then, there will be one village left.Mine."

Then a ninja appeared." Sir MountainKage is ready for your command."

"And let the play began." Darknesskage communicates with Mountain kage telepathically."Attack the Swamp nation.NOW."

"Yes. And you will release her after this right." asked MountainKage.

"After I see Swamp Kage's head on a platter."

"..............Considered it done."

At Swamp Village........

A ninja running in toward SwampKage office..." Sir, Mountain ninjas are pouring in from the from the east."

"Expected.How the darkness forces?" asked Swamp Kage.

"They retreated back into their country,Sir."

"Strange. Get the chakra gates heated up just in case."ordered SwampKage.

"Yes Sir." And the ninjas runs to the gates location.

"Kai I want you to monitor the Darkness border just in case." Dragonfly will lead the defender head on against the Mountain forces. I'll contact Flash and Element and make sure they are ready. Ok go."SwampKage order. His face is shows he is very angry to be betrayed by one of his ally, Mountain.
"Betrayal" he grows.....

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