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Re: VBFC Fan Fic.

Chapter 5

"Consider it done."

MountainKage walks up towards the center of the temporary centre where his troops are waiting for him. He then looks at his troops and make sure they are prepared.

"Ok,now the invasion will began, prepare yorself for anything."

"Yes sir."

He then look towards the Swamp nation border, bite his lips.

"I will save you,whatever the cause..."

Then MindKage appeared."Doing well are you MountainKage."

"What are you doing here..."

"DarknessKage ask me to keep an eye for you."


"Shall the invasion began,MountainKage." MindKage looks at him with a devilish smile.

"Taro, you lead the invasion." MountainKage looks at one of his best Elite Jounin.

"Yes." Taro replied.

At the village near the nani kingdom border.....

" It seems most the story abouts a beast that come from the nani kingdom." Ayumi reports to her teacher.

"Hmmm....Seems we have to cross border.But since the invasion, no one see anyone from that kingdom anymore.." mumbles Hiro.

"Seems this more than it seems,sensei." Ryushiro added.

"Hey,thats my line, you stole my line!!!" jumps Kyo.

"Ok, checks all your weapon stocks and your eqipment, We gonna cross border at midnight." order Hiro.

"Yes sir." the 3 man teams replies.

"I have a bad feeling about this....." mumbles Hiro.

At Swamp nation, A battle of ninjas is going and very intense.....

Dragonfly and a group of shinobis running at the battlefield,"Earth element-Oil Swamp". And a giant swamp emerged at the heart of the battle field traps 10-12 Mountain ninjas.." Not over yet,Fire element- Dragon Flame" And the swamp is burning with flame, engulfing the ninjas in it.

"Dragofly, we must stop this attack immediately."a shinobi shouted as he slit a mountain ninja's throat.

" The only way is to find the commander and kill him. That should create confusion." dragonfly said as he looks around for any sign of the attacking leader.

"Looking for me?" Taro appeared from nowhere and jumps behind Dragonfly.

"What the...." Before dragonfly realise anything Taro stabs Dragonfly backs with a kunai wrapped with a explosion tag. He then jumps away.

"Ohh shit." That is Dragofly last words before got blown up. And Taro grins. He then runs around screaming the leader is dead. Shock by the news the swamp ninjas are panic and confused, and this gave an oppurtunity for the mountain's to strike.

"Retreat!!!!!!!" one of the Swamp shinobi screams.

At Swamp village war control center...

A ninja runs with great pace..." Sir the first line has fallen and the mountain are advancing."

This news shocks Swamp Kage and his eye's wide open. "And Dragonfly?"

"He was killed sir."

"Such a tragedy...Inform his family about this tragedy. Ok, prepare to evacuate the non-ninjas.We will move from blue to yellow." ordered Swamp Kage."Damn....." he punches the wall in anger...

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