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Re: Any Death/Doom Metal Fans

Yupp - right here. I'm more into Doom myself though. I believe the Death scene has become way too wide ranged to actually still call it Death Metal. Let's take Opeth as example. These guys have been qualified as Death from the beginning, whilst they are more Progressive then Death in my opinion. Though, people just put them in the Death section because Mikael does those Death Grunts. Those people should realize that there is more needed to qualify a band than just the vocals.

Anyway. Like I said, Doom is more my thing. I like all sorts of Doom actually, not just the Metal kind. Funeral Doom, for example - this is one of the branches of the original Doom. One reason why I like this kind of music is because of the dark, melancholic sound that it brings with it. Another thing is the mostly slow music, with the harse dark grunts (I prefer the grunts to be performed as an instrument more than the actual singing).

But yeah, Doom can also be seen in many different ways. Just take a look at a band like Anathema, which is also Doom Metal - and on the other side we take something like My Dying Bride, which is the heavier side of Doom. Oh, on a side note, My Dying Bride has made the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Just listen to For My Fallen Angel from the Like Gods of the Sun album. You'll love it if you're into the Doom Metal ballads.

One of my fave Doom bands has got to be Novembers Doom though. They could be seen like the Opeth of Doom Metal, mixing heavy with soft sections almost perfectly. I know for a fact that you (Redneckboy) really enjoy Opeth, so I'd recommend Novembers Doom to you if you haven't heard them before. Get the To Welcome the Fade album.

Ok - that's about it for me. If you need any recommendations in the Doom scene, just ask here or contact me via PM (cause I also know you are kinda new to the Doom scene).

I don't know if you ever heard of Ambient music? Though, if you haven't - there is also a Doom Ambient genre. If you're into those two kind of music styles, I'd recommend you to take a look at Sun 0))). Weird name, I know. Their real name is actually just Sun, but they added the 0))) to their name, which they use(d) for a logo.
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