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Re: What book are you currently reading?

The Broker by John Grisham.
Washington D.C. attorney and power broker Joel Backman is serving time for unnamed crimes against the United States as the story opens. With six years behind him and fourteen more to go, he is shocked when an outgoing President (urged on by a crafty CIA chief) pardons him free and clear. Well, almost.

The catch is that Backman must agree to leave the U.S. and live in CIA-guarded exile in Italy under the seemingly benevolent thumb of a CIA agent named Luigi. Although we don't know exactly what Backman has done wrong, we know he was involved as a power broker for an incredible Star Wars-type satellite program. Before he can complete a sale to a potential buyer (Israelis? Saudis? Russians?), the feds move in and arrest him and his business partner. Soon afterward, the partner has a suspicious suicide. A nervous Backman now agrees to serve time.

When he is suddenly released, he takes up a new life in a small Italian town as Marco Lazerri. A good deal of the middle of the book is taken up with intenisve Italian lessons. Yes, Italian lessons, and not a little sightseeing. Anyhow, the day arrives when the CIA leaks Backman's location to the major satellite players. Now, the CIA can sit back and see which player arrives to remove Backman permanently. That will tidy up their file on the satellite mess.
Its pretty good, a NY Times bestseller btw.

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