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The Vampire in the Day and Night

This is my first fanfic post on here... and my third one on
This is a vampire story... and the couple is Neji and Tenten...
So here's the here is chapters 1-3...

Chapter 1- The Vampire

A dark and cold night was about to settal on the village of Konoha. Neji and Tenten were outside the forest waiting for Lee to finish his 'business'.

"Oh, I'm SO bored..." Tenten said, yawning. Neji didn't say anything, or show any emotion when he looked at her with his white eyes.

"Neji... are you okay?" Tenten said, confused.

"I'm... fine. I just need to go home and rest."

"Oh, okay... well bye."

When Neji was walking home he stopped to notice Sasuke and Sakura walking right pass Neji without saying anything. Neji looked at the two as they were walking into the night.

What's up with them?

The day after that Neji was in the forest with Tenten and Lee, getting ready to train. Neji was still confused what happened with Sasuke and Sakura last night. Tenten was just sitting on the grass not ready to train, so Neji walked up to her and talked to her.

"Hey, Tenten..."

"Leave me alone, Huyga."

"Why? Is there something worng? Am I hurting you in any way?"

"Just leave me alone."

Okay, whatever you say..."

Neji saw Tenten eyes. It was a different color. Insted of brown, it was dark red. And she didn't bare to show any emotion when Neji was talking to her. She loved to where tanned clothes, but today she was wearing a blck shirt, with black baggy, chained pants. When they were train Neji was teamed up with Lee and Tenten just wanted to be by herself, with no one to group up with.

"Are you ready, Tenten?" Lee said getting in his position.

"Yeah, whatever."

As Lee was running towards Tenten to attack her she blocked his kick and punched him with full force. Lee spited out blood, which landed on Tenten's fist. She released Lee from her grip, and stood stright up, licking the blood off her fist.

"Mmm... blood... I need more... MORE!'' As Lee and Neji were in full shock Tenten tackled Lee and bit his neck, causing blood to flow out from his neck.

"Tenten... STOP!" Lee yelled. Tenten stopped. Lee was knock out, blood was still flowing from his neck. Tenten brought out a kunai, and stabbed Lee right in his heart. Tenten stood up with an evil grin going across her face. "Yes... BLOOD BLOOD!" As Tenten was drinking the last of Lee's blood, Neji stood there, in clear shock.


''What's the matter? Do you love this? Do you still love me?" Tenten said loudly.

"No...'' Neji said walking close to Tenten.

''What sre you doing?'' Neji grabbed Tenten and smiled. She noticed fangs in Neji's smile.

"I... love you..." Neji said biting down on her neck, taking some of Lee's blood from her blood vines.

"Neji... I... love you too."

Chapter 2- The Trist for Blood

Neji released Tenten from his grip and noticed that it was already night time.

"Tenten... let's go"


As Neji and Tenten ran out of the forest and saw three people passing by, they were all Academy students.

"What are you three doing out so late at night?" Tenten said.

"Eh... we were just walking home..." The one on the right said.

"Okay... but it's so dark out, someone may kidnap you or something like that. Tenten, let's walk this three home." Neji said showing an evil grin to Tenten.

She grinned back.

''Whatever you say, Neji." Tenten and Neji walked a little then Neji said something.

"Where do you live?" The girl pointed to the house near the Hokage faces.

"Oh I know a short-cut to that place." As Neji and Tenten lead the kids to a dark alley. The three kids heard whispers from behind them.

" what's going---" The girl was cutted off by Neji biting deeply in her neck.

"S-STOP" Neji refused and sucked the blood out of the girl who screamed and tried straggled her way out of his grip. When Neji was finished drinking her blood he dropped her on the floor. He turned around to notice Tenten sucking the blood out of a boy and the other one was tied up, dead. When Tenten was finished sucking the warm blood out of the boy she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, stood up, and walked up to Neji.

'What's with the dead kid?" Neji said.

"Well since their blood is tasty, I wanted to save one. For me... and you."

Tenten kissed Neji lightly on the lips. Neji kissed back and wrapped his arms around Tenten's waist. Tenten broke the kiss and lowered her head to Neji's neck, and bit on his neck sucking some blood from his blood vines. That was causing Neji to moan, then Neji bit down on her neck also. Then she was moaning, which made her bite down deeper. More blood was flowing out of Neji's neck, into Tenten's mouth. That caused Neji to bite even more harder.

"N-N...Neji... please...please stop..."

Neji did as she command, got the dead child that was still filled with blood and walked with Tenten to her home.

Chapter 3- Neji's Death

As Neji looked in the night sky he saw an image of Tenten's face as a human. Her sweet smile made the vampire Neji smile. The shiny brown eyes made Neji want her more, to suck more of her lovely blood out of her. Then the image vanished when a black shadow pasted by. Neji got up and smell blood from a mile away.

"Yes, the sweet smell of blood. From a harmful human who just pasted by me."

Neji jumped into a tree. Tree from tree he jumped on, searching for the human who smell like tasty blood. The smell coursed thourgh Neji's vines. He couldn't rake it any more, he needed the blood there and now. Neji sensed the human was near, so he jumped off of a tree and noticed he was in the Konoha forest. He didn't see the human around at all. But Neji could still smell the blood of that same human he was chasing after. He looked around the trees to find the human that made Neji so hungry... so hungry for its blood... its taste... and its punishment for even existing.

''All right, human. Show yourself.'' Neji said loundly.

"As you wish." The human said, jumping from the tree Neji was just on.

Neji looked from behind and noticed that is was his cousin's boyfriend, Naruto.

"Naruto... itiot... what are you doing here?" Neji saw hiding his fangs from Naruto's vision.

Naruto looked at Neji and had an evil smileon his face. Then Naruto walked up to Neji.

"Why are you hiding your fangs away from me, Neji?" Neji backed away.

I-I-I don't know what you're talking about..." Neji said nerviosly.

Naruto was standing right in front of Neji, just smiling at him. Neji noticed he had fangs just like him. When Neji stood stright up Naruto stopped smiling.

"You know what, Neji?" Naruto said.

"What?" Neji said angrly.

''You and I have something finally in comman..." Naruto got up and walked over to Neji and looked at him with his blue eyes... turning to bloody red.

"We want to kill one another!"

Naruto tackled Neji down to the ground and brought out four kunais. Naruto stabbed both of Neji's hand, which was now attached to the ground. And stabbed both of his legs. Then Naruto raised his head to Neji's neck and noticed two vampire marks on it. He stopped and got up.

"Neji... who bit you?" Naruto said

''My love and... my master..." Neji said, spiting out blood from his mouth.

"Who is your master...?" Naruto said.

'' It-It...was--"

Neji didn't have enough energy left to talk. His heart stopped beating, and he was left on the cold, grassy ground, dead. Naruto... just smiled... and sucked the blood from Neji's body. Neji's blood was cold form his death. That made Naruto feel all quizzy. Then Natuyo's fangs disappered, his heart... turned cold, and it stopped beating.

''W-What's happening...?" Naruto fell on the ground, three ft away from Neji, dead...

TBC...: (
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