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Re: has anyone noticed yet?

Originally Posted by Saberball View Post
I can see him doing the regular rasengan with one hand but im not sure that its possible for him to do fuuton rasengan without a clone considering naruto said it was almost impossible because it required so much consentration just to do the rasengan by it self let alone add wind nature to it. And you can't just say that it was because of naruto's lack of chakra control because jariaya and kakashi both couldn't do it. And up until the point where the 4th died he couldn't do it either. So what this means is that if he could do it without clones he would have chakra control above all other ninjas now.
I don't think chakra control has anything to do with it. Remeber it's more like a knack or special ability. Even with shadow clones, Kakashi said that it was impossible for himself to do it like that even if he was the 4th Hokage so I don't think it has much to do with chakra control.

I would not be shocked if Naruto was able to use the Fuuton Rasengan in one hand. He has been training with shadow clones for awhile, I'm sure Naruto could have picked it up along during his training. I do think Naruto is able to form and fuse the Rasengan with nature manipulation at the same time, he has a lot of chakra so something impossible for others may not be impossible for Naruto.

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