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Re: has anyone noticed yet?

Originally Posted by The Specialist
I don't think chakra control has anything to do with it. Remeber it's more like a knack or special ability. Even with shadow clones, Kakashi said that it was impossible for himself to do it like that even if he was the 4th Hokage so I don't think it has much to do with chakra control.
um lets look at it why don't. first the rasengan nothing but chakra control on the highest level i might add. nature manipulation into rasengan is nothing but chakra control. which was why he couldn't do it before because it took to much concetration. like naruto said looking 2 different ways at the same time. The reason both the 4th and kakashi could do it was because neither of them had enough chakra to hold the shadow clones as well as create nature chakra + shape manipulation. which is why most ninja don't use shadow clones like naruto does because they can't. if you think about it cutting your chakra in half or even more if you create more than one clone would be a lot for most ninjas.
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