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Re: Naruto RPG FC

im joining...

Name: Rae-san
gender: male
Age: 18
Rank: Jounin
Hair color/style: black/long pony tail
Eyes: silver (hence where he get the name Ten-Shinobi/heaven ninja)
Clan: none
Village: Hidden Leaf


Shadow Clone Jutsu
Dance of the Crescent Moon
Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu / dragon fire skill
Water Clone Skill
Iron Fist Style
The Thousand Birds / Chidori (after he finds kakashi)
Rasengan (later from naruto, after he is defeated by sauske)

other: has large scar on his back from fighting a pack of wolves during training

Info:Rae’s family was killed during a village raid in Konoha when he was at the age of 5. He had dreams of becoming a legendary shinobi known for saving the lives of those in the village. But when his family died, everything changed. his heart changed from pure to enraged with revenge. He doesn’t show emotion to many, after his family was killed he found himself only loving himself (as does gaara). He became a genin at age 7 and a chuunin at age 8, later joining the AMBU at age 15. At age 17 he became a Jounin, but then fled the Hidden Leaf Village to train on his own, hoping to find the people responsible for killing his family. After a year of self training, he has learned many techniques. He looks up to Hatake Kakashi the most out of all the shinobi in the world. He moves extremely fast, and is physically and mentally very powerful. He has long black hair, usually in a pony tail, and has silver eyes. Because of his ultra speed and power, and silver eyes and long hair, most ninja refer to him as the Ten-Shinobi or “heacen ninja”. now he has found himself returned to the hidden leaf village where he is in search of kakashi, to learn the Chidori.
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