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Re: has anyone noticed yet?

my thoughts on the new rasangan is going two directions with chakra control at the same time, shape and elemental and as i started above, i think they are opposite, elemental is more like the nature, essense, behavior of chakra, and shape is the physical, solid part. And there are other branches, like tsuande and her ability to precisely pinpoint a huge amount of chakra in different parts and then releasing it all for explosive results, or like lee, using chakra in his punches and kicks, then theres neji with those knife edged blades of chakra coming from all over his body, etc i can go on if you wish...

But the main point here is that this new rasangan needs 100 shape and 100 elemental manipulation (or nearly 100 percent) which is pretty much impossible (when attempted normally), and in the words of naruto, its like looking left and right at the same time (again when attempted normally), and we are know naruto's words are as lateral as it gets, he basicly means its hard to channel ur chakra to shape and element at the same time coz the process of each takes opposite routes.

heres a diagram to show what i mean, the black dots are other forms of chakra control.. as you can see, to get to shape manipulation, you must go in reverse of elemental, and you end up tugging elemental back more. So this new rasangan gets to the point where superiod chakra control is not enough, you must find a special method to do both, which is why naruto thought of shadow clones. One clone can channel his chakra in one direction and the other can channel his in the other way. Maybe even a third clone is needed to hold it coz naruto isnt that great at chakra control. In a way the specialist is right and that alot of talent is needed but chakra control helps alot.

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