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Re: Precise Chakra Control for Naruto and Medical Ninjutsu for Hinata

Hinata is just as intelligent as Sakura because during the written exam she did not use her Byakugan to cheat but she answered all of the questions and she was confident enought to offer Naruto the answers.

Naruto's chakra control will have to be addressed at some point and I can see the possibility that the Kyuubi will come into play because its Chakra is tied to his and for him to control it precisely then it would mean that he must control the Kyuubi chakra as well. He will have to in order to defeat his enemies. He cant have Yamato with him forever.

A character must surpass their weakness otherwise they will not have anywhere to go.

Hinata does not have to use the super strength but she can know it. The thing about that strength is that it is something a person with extreme chakra control can learn and Hinata as a member of the Hyuuga clan has very good control. In the anime fillers this is also displayed.

Her main obstacle from medical ninjutsu is that she does not have a suitable teacher whereas Sakura does.

It irritates me that Sakura became a Medic Nin. its like she fell into it. It was not something she wanted to do but because it would make things fit so nicely together she was made a medic nin.

The manga so far is leaving a lot of characters out and considering that it is the source of the anime it means that they will have to pad it out more.

I wonder though how much input does the author make to the ANime. There was a lot of HinaNaru there and i would give me hope for the future.

Naruto and Hinata can achieve the listed goals and I have yet to see a sound argument against my hypothesis.
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