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Re: Precise Chakra Control for Naruto and Medical Ninjutsu for Hinata

I agree that she would become like Kabuto. Since the Byakugan can damage internal organs it stands to reason that it can heal them as well and she could use it for fast and accurate diagnosis of patients.

In the Konoha Eleven filler, she went with Sakura to examine a dead body and without her they would have not been able to see that the dead person did not have any well developed Chakra coils. She did not flinch and she proved to be more useful than Sakura. Granted fillers are fillers but you get the point.

If Ino knows Medical ninjutsu then it is most likely that Hinata knows some as well. Canonically she made healing medicines showing not only an interest but an actuall understanding of medicine, enough to give to Naruto and maybe even her teammates on missions. Unfortunately in the fillers this was not covered but what was covered was her chakra control.

It is a possible possibility that Hinata is likely a medic nin. Until Kishimoto conviniently throws that aside i will firmly believe that she is one.

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