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Re: Precise Chakra Control for Naruto and Medical Ninjutsu for Hinata

HInata has not been developed enough in the manga so her assests have not been shown. As for Sakura she was useles to begin with and now with Tsunades teaching she is so strong.
If you look clearly Hinata wanted to improve herself not for Naruto but because of him whereas Sakura improved to help in the fight against Sasuke. She is a weak character and HInata is far better. It would be fitting to have a bit of a rivalry between and a Medic Nin one would be great.

The thing is the story is moving off in a way. At least the other teams had some time panel time but the rest have just been thrown aside for now.

Neji is the prodigy of the Hyuga and I don't think Hinata will ever surpass him in the Byakugan arts. So she will need her own path and going by what was shown in the manga I believe she will be a medic nin.

As for Naruto, he will have to gain better chakra control. When the Kyubi rgives him its chakra it overwhelms him and his personality is taken over. The Chakra has been shown to move in one way from the Kyubi. If he learned better control he would not only perform jutsu's well he could also control the flow of chakra from the Kyubi.
The Kyubi wants to escape and only Naruto can stop it so unless there is something else that happens like a reseal then Naruto will need to learn control his chakra well.
Oh and isn't it weird that now he does not want to use the Kyubi chakra but it still leaks out.
I should stop posting paragraphs :-)
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