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what typhoon said is what i meant by dieting slows down your metabolism. when people say diet, they usually mean stop eatting or stop eatting as much which is bad. also, i said all that about fat storage just not so scientifically, i learned all that in biology.

and gaining weight isnt as easy as "going to the gym" trust me, ive tried. Besides, I don't want muscle wieght, just wieght in general. muscle weight is harder to lose, so later on in life if i decide i wanna lose wieght, i wont be able to as easily. besides, gymming and wieght-lifting is terrible and boring. i rock climb, good enough excersize for me, and it keeps me healthy.

Also, if you're gaining weight around your hips and theighs, thats GOOD. if you're gaining wieght around your stomach and chest cavities, thats BAD. Fat around your gut and chest (usually from foods like mcd's and the junk with trans/saturated fats) at just suffocating major organs and your heart. Good fats, the stuff you need, are usually stored around your hips and theighs.

hooray bio. hooray stuff i need for university. v.v;;
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