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Re: Naruto RPG FC

*After a night of rest Koopsta wakes up and gets ready for a new day*
"Ah today will be when I decide my loyalty to Itachi or Oro."
*Starts walking around the village reminding himself what all Oro has done for him and what Itachi did to his clan*
*Thinks to himself*
'why itachi why? What was the purpose of it? I mean now Oro has a advantage but if we had our clan this would of neva happened...?!?!'
*thinking stops as Koopsta senses someone near by*
"I know you've been following since yesterday and it'll be best to come out of hiding and face me like a man"
*A dark figure jumps out the bushes*(It was Itachi)
Itachi: "You fool I over herd your convo with Oro. I know he wants me dead but my orders was to find where Sasuke is and bring him to me and thus not doing so means your've failed me twice in the same day which is not good on your behalf."
Itachi: "Dont but me idiot. And You better listen to me cause your all I have."
*flashback of Itachi killing the clan appears*
"NO! Your not all I have. You killed everyone close to me! Oro took me in when no one was left and its all your fault and you will pay! I am no longer a follower you! Oro is my true master and now you will fall at the hands of a Uchiha just as many did to you!"
*prepares for battle*

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