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Re: Precise Chakra Control for Naruto and Medical Ninjutsu for Hinata

Originally Posted by kayjin927 View Post
Sakura also felt that she was useless that is why she went to Tsunade. She went to a person who could give her power. She not only lacked in power but in personality as well. Why do you think Naruto and Sasuke formed such a strong bond even though they were all in the same team. Hinata lacked in fighting power but she still trained herself wanting to be stronger. Sakura did nothing in the show.
Tsunade didn't just 'give her power'... Sakura's potential was always there, she just needed the right mentor. She did lack in personality in the beginning, but she changed throughout Part 1, and became a more sympathetic person. Naruto and Sasuke's bond goes way back before Team 07, and they are the main characters of the series. That is why their bond is so strong. But Sasuke and Sakura also had a bond, and so did Naruto and Sakura.

Sakura did nothing in the show? Yeah, I guess that's how we should sum up her character, since a lot of her progress isn't the tangible kind, and instead occurred within her heart, but sadly that's underrated. :/ I'm just curious though, and I'm not trying to bash Hinata, but what exactly has she done that makes her 'better' than Sakura?

Hinata is also intelligent and when Sakura placed herself in front of the enemy it did not accomplish much. Sakura's chakra control was shown but it was stated that she has low chakra, meaning she needed to increase it... but did she no. Naruto and Sasuke eventually learned tree climbing and what did she learn in the meantime. Her genjutsu abilities are also shown but Tsunade is not a Genjutsu type meaning Sakura would have to develop her own Genjutsu skills but so far none have been shown. Tsunade was convinient, nothing more nothing less. Place a ninja under the mentorship of a Sannin and you will get good results. Replace Hinata under Tsunade and she will be even stronger than Sakura.
It was the act itself, of placing her life on the line that is important. Her courage. She didn't have the strength to actually fight, but she was willing to throw herself in front of an attack to protect someone, and die doing it.

For Sakura, her feelings and her precious people come before ninja training. Throughout Part 1, she was growing mentally and emotionally. So what if she has low chakra? That's her weakness. She'll never be able to have huge amounts of chakra. Just like Naruto will never be able to completely control his chakra and his control will never be as good as Sakura's. Not a big deal, in fact, it's very realistic.

Kakashi was her teacher, he didn't tell her to do anything else. Actually, he brought her along to the bridge to protect Tazuna (I think that's his name). So you can't blame Sakura for obeying her sensei's decision. :/

It's true that Sakura's genjutsu skills haven't been revealed, and it may never be - but for me, that's just a minor detail. She's still progressed a lot, both in power and in personality. And that means so much more. Tsunade was not 'convienient', Kishimoto obviously had the Sannin and Team 07 parallels planned out from the beginning. And it was the loss of Sasuke and Naruto's determination that inspired and motivated Sakura to train under Tsunade. So I think it was more than just 'convience'....

I do not agree. Hinata couldn't beat her sister, who was five years younger than her. Although she tried her hardest and was totally admirable, she was nothing against Neji. He was just playing with her. We haven't seen anything else from Hinata since, and a lot of your 'evidence' come from fillers... I do not think she would be stronger than Sakura, but definitely at Sakura's level. After all, they are both Chuunin right now (in Part 2), so obviously both girls are powerful, but yes, Sakura has been training under Tsunade, so I think she has the upperhand. And it would probably be the other way around if Hinata was training under Tsunade. ^^

Hinata wants to follow Naruto's example and he is an inspiration to her not a motivation. If you are inspired you will achieve more than someone who is motivated, because motivation can end but i believe inspiration is limitless. DOing something because you want too is stronger than doing something because you have to.
I bashed her that's true but there hasn't been much to make me like her.
Inspiration and motivation pretty much stem from the same source. I personally use the words interchangeably, even if that's not quite correct. And I don't agree completely, because considering that with Sakura's situation, her getting strong isn't just for herself, but for others, and that is what makes you stronger. Sakura has to improve, because Sasuke and Naruto's lives are in danger. To me, that is the strongest motivation/inspiration a person could have.

EDIT! - Also, one of the MAJOR themes of the series is is that a person becomes truly strong when they wish to protect those who are important to them. Therefore, by the content of the manga, Sakura's motivation is considered the strongest motivation. Also, she wants to be able to help, to make up for her lack of physical strength in Part 1. So she's doing it for others, most importantly, but also for herself, so that she can aid them. She's a beautiful character, because of what I just typed out. To me, anyway.

Naruto does not need medical ninjutsu chakra control, only increased control at a higher level than what is currently shown. Sakura's level has not even been shown so we can't really gauge it. I mean look at Shizune she studied with Tsunade for a long time whereas Sakura has only been at it for two and a half years. Its high but not that high.
Well, I agree that Naruto's control will increase. That happens with experience and training. And despite not knowing the entirety of Sakura's control, Kakashi and Chiyo-baa stated that she would most likely surpass Tsunade. That is definitely saying something.

For the record I will state that if Naruto and Sakura ever developed anything then it would leave a bad taste in my mouth. She doesn't even call him Naruto-Kun. Her personality is still the same and because i considered it bad to begin with i still feel that she has not grown stronger.

Thanks for the reply it made my day.
Well, I agree with the NaruSaku relationship, since I find it works best the way it currently is. I don't think her personality is still the same. She is kinder to Naruto, but she still has her moments where she's silly or violent, but that's just part of who she is. I can't change it if you don't like that aspect of her character. ::shrugs:: But she has grown stronger, and I think that is evident.

No problem. I love long ass posts.
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